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May 27, 2011

my favorite time of year

can you see the faint lines from the chain link fence?

It is travel baseball season! TJ is on the same team, but we broke away from Lombard. We the Lombard Thunder were a part-time travel team for the last 3 years. Our team was too good to remain part-time, we already beat everyone. Lombard Baseball would not sponsor as a full-time team...politics with the Lombard Lightening. So we had fund raisers starting last November and got our own insurance. We are now the Lombard Sliders!

Our season began today after a rain out on Wed and Thur. We started a little later than most full-time teams because 1/2 of the team was owned by their high schools. A high school athlete can not step foot on another team or field. Basically,you are owned.
This year we lost 1 player and picked up 2 tough players...went with a 12 man roster for the first time in4 years. We are playing 10 consecutive tournaments (Wed-Sun) and need the extra man. TJ and 2 other players made their HS summer league team that will play Mon-Wed during the week.

Today we slaughtered Elmwood Park 16-0. TJ pitched, played left, short and third. 
today he batted 666 %

Not thrilled with the white pants, but they sure do look nice.
Having them soaking as I type

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