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May 5, 2011

Spring in Lombard

TJ and Callahan were home sick yesterday, so after I picked Karrick up from school I dropped him off at home. I grabbed my camera and big pink bike and headed 2 blocks over to Terrence View Park. Now I could only use my zoom lens because my regular lens won't auto-focus...something is off track...needs to go into shop. I was a little over zealous in cleaning my zoom lens so I had condensation inside that lens for most of my trip

I actually got some different kind of shots, I used a filter over the foggy lens for some which made the colors different and some of the background is skewed 

The wildlife is coming alive! I even saw our Blue Heron flying but couldn't capture the shot
I did see a beautiful wood-pecker and some beautiful birds

The baby ducks are my favorite, I watched the very protective mama flap her wings if any thing got close

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