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May 19, 2011

Who Knew?

Today Karrick's teacher informed me that since he had his Tonsils and Adenoids out his test scores have sky rocketed. His MAP and Benchmark tests  in math were near perfect and perfect respectively. Next year he will be put in the differential Math program for the academically talented! 
I damn near hit the floor, people who know me and karrick know how he has struggled in school....Dyslexia, processing problem and just not getting it were all discussed and discarded.

Turns out Karrick's tonsils and Adenoids caused more then the obvious trouble. To sum him up pre-surgery, Karrick was unable to: hear, breath , smell, taste food, sleep and eat properly. He had a chronic throat infection that made it almost impossible to eat, not to mention in constant pain.....he never complained. He became pale, thin and weak...he couldn't learn

His confidence level is low as he never felt like a smart kid. The smile and look of pride on his face when the teacher told us was priceless!  

He is a new kid!

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Mel said...

What an amazing thing!!! Such an improvement!!! Yay for both of you!