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Aug 11, 2011

Friday Night lights

I am now the Glenbard East Rams, Sophomore football teams official photographer.

TJ being a sophomore player, plays on Friday nights at 5:00 (as opposed to 11 am Sat. mornings freshman year) He also gets to play on the varsity field (varsity game follows at 7:30)...stands, lights...ahhhh!
I am still waiting for official clearance from the varsity head coach to be allowed on the sidelines during the games. Maybe I'll get a cool pass to wear around my neck.
It's my dream to be even closer to the pack of wolves, hungry giant grizzly bears that view the football as an appetizer and my TJ as the main course.
All kidding aside, I am thrilled to death! This, along with being Pleasant Lane's official yearbook photographer (karrick's school) I think i'll be pretty busy

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