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Jan 24, 2012

the boy is back...part-time

After almost 17 weeks, TJ is back at school...part time. He goes half days alternating between morning and afternoon classes. He had to drop H Chem, German 2 and drivers Ed. He lost all his German which is  not uncommon with a TBI (traumatic brain injury), so next year he decided to go with Spanish 1. In place of Drivers Ed we put him in a PE class with the Athletic trainer that has been a Godsend throughout this ordeal. Mr M has been in constant contact with me so knows all of TJ abilities and disabilities. I'd rather TJ get this credit instead of a class where he would have to concentrate and get homework. If TJ didn't take PE that would disqualify him from playing baseball or volleyball in the Spring...if he recovers 100% that is. TJ has an investing class instead of Chem, which as fate would have it, is taught by his football coach. Now Coach L can see the devestation TJ has suffered from being left in practice after not 1, but 2 blows to the brain. I will go on record as saying "my boy better get an A in that class". Lastly we gave TJ a study hall for last period.
Lunch and PE are back to back, smack dab in the middle of the day...long break when full days start
TJ has done well so far...gets headaches, but a 15-20 trip to the nurses office to lay down usually cures that. Just this morning (1/2 day # 5) TJ said "I feel like i'm waking up a little" music to my ears. He is also getting some of his humor back. Last week TJ and I had a 1hour meeting with his counselor and school nurse to put this plan in place. When I picked TJ up the after the 1st day on class I asked how it went and did the teachers get all the instructions

TJ: "yeah, they got em, the nurse sent out a group email"

"Great what did it say?"

TJ: "basically it said, 'TJ is pretty much retarded, so if he starts acting retarded please send him to the nurse"  here's a copy"

I had to laugh...

TJ has been a trooper throughout this whole thing, much thanks goes to his girlfriend Alexis that has been here for him (all non-school and non-sleeping hrs). She has understood and dealt with his memory issues, mood swings and just TJ not being TJ.
I don't know how many girls at this age would have done that. This shows her maturity and all around great character.  There were many times that they just had to sit in a dark room because that was all TJ's brain could handle.

TJ's modifications are

  1. half days
  2. elevator pass
  3. leave class 5 min early (avoid movement and chaos in hallway)
  4. can leave class at any time to go to nurse to lay down
  5. laminated (usually paper) SRC (student resource center) pass to get help in Math, science, or English during any of his 3 study periods ie PE , lunch and study hall
  6. reduced homework
  7. longer time for tests
  8. all instructions need to be written down by teachers (still has short term memory loss)
  9. notes from missed classes need to be given to TJ (every other day he misses am or pm classes)
  10. teachers need to remind TJ daily to show them assignment notebook at end of each class
if  TJ shows any signs/symptoms of brain fatigue they need to document it and send him to nurse ASAP (a lists of signs/symptoms were given to each teacher)

that's all I can remember at this point


He still has a long road ahead of him and is behind almost a full semester (has 9 wks to make up Incomplete's and SRC is helping him)

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