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Jan 18, 2014

personal trainer results

A few months back I posted about TJ working out with his personal trainer Nate Aye at Golden Age Strength Club. I also work out there but in the geriatric group with a different trainer.
TJ does stuff like squat, pick up a 116 lb 14 in diameter cement ball and throw it over a shoulder height bar 12 times in a row. They do crazy ass stuff and it's fun to watch.
I had to send shirtless pictures to TJ's agent as he is the one that suggested TJ get a trainer. He wants TJ to start doing young mens/mens print work but TJ needed to bulk up
I wont post the front one's as it seems kinda wrong, but above is a shot from behind. I had no idea how big TJ has gotten in a short time. I do know he went from a 33 waist jeans to a 30 in waist that is sagging in the above shot, in 6 months. We all should be 6 foot with that waist
In a year I've only lost 1-1 1/2 inches on my waist....ah to be 17 again
Below are just 2 shots I took of TJ at the same time-such a cutie!

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