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Jul 16, 2014

Our 9 days on the Jersey Shore

 We just spent 9 days on the Jersey Shore with 80 plus dancers and parents.
Karrick and I stayed in a quaint little motel across the street from the beach.
The week was spent hanging out with friends at the pool, beach, water park, amusement park and  arcades
Karrick danced a total of 4 times in 3 days, so we had a lot of vacation time.
They did great taking 1st place in 2 hip hop routines in their division and a 3rd place over-all.
"How We Do" was chosen to compete in the special Saturday battle rounds. They didn't place but it was a huge honor for these kids
ADC seems to have the largest group of boy dancers that I've seen so far. They work well together due to the family mentality and non-stop group outings throughout the year. They have become a tight group of kids and it's reflected on stage
My first year as a competitive dance mom have been great. We have a great group of moms that really care about all the kids

Karrick was chosen to receive the award for Showtime. They pick a dancer after the routine that they feel 'brought it" up on stage to accept the award. Well Karrick was thrilled to be chosen. It also meant he would be in charge of that trophy until it is safely turned over to the studio for display back in lombard. Needless to say the cute little blond boy dancer received a lot of attention going through the airport
I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my Dance mom role and cant wait to continue. 

Karrick just love dancing and has really come a long way this year 

Our retro motel played Casey Kasem countdown from the 70's. Brought me right back to summer's at  our local pool  40 years ago


Can you tell where I missed with the sunscreen?

 A private catered lunch on the pier

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