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Aug 7, 2014

Family Values Premiere

12 foot banners adorned the hallways and ballromm

After close to a year of filming the big night was finally here. The Family Values cast, family members, actors agents, press, casting agents and friends gathered at the Ravenswood Event Center  for a screening of the pilot.
Tj had to be there early to meet with press and do interviews. After a morning battling nerves TJ handled all of it with grace and ease. My father and some close friends were able to come and support TJ
TJ's agent and owner of his agency Lily Liu (Lily's Talent Agency) came to support Family Values

Tim and I with TJ...we were one set of proud parents. It was great to see TJ work a room. He represented Family Values like a pro, mingling with guests, press and the who's who of the Chicago acting world. All his years of auditioning has paid off as he was at home with all these important strangers

We are at that point that our son dwarfs us

My boy can wear a set of clothes....no one should look that good

The cast with  Rob Johnson of CBS News who mc'd the event. There was also nice coverage of the show and event on the 10 pm news
TJ and I with FV hair and makeup artist Joesph Robert. He has kept everyone looking beautiful and entertained during 12-16 hr days on the set

Cutest couple Callahan and Katie

True to form with Karrick as he always gravitates to the hot girls
If there's a chance to photobomb...he takes it.

I really didn't take many pictures which seems to be happening quite a bit lately...photo burnout I think?
Tim and I took none on the red carpet or with TJ in front of the FV banner.
Not 1 shot with my dad who at 77 years of age drove from the south suburbs to the north side of Chicago

 A great night was had by all, the pilot was a hit...left me wanting to see more!!!
Jayson the creator, producer and star of FV was summoned to LA to meet with 2 distributors interested in the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
just a few days after the party!

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