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Aug 19, 2014

Graduation/18th Birthday party

Sunday we had TJ's combined Graduation-18th Birthday party. It really turned out fantastic and was a perfect way to close out the summer.
My family all came, Tim's Mom and brother, a bunch of friends, neighbors and of course at least 30 or so of TJ's friends.
I had such anxiety early on in the summer because we kind of let the yard and deck go when TJ got injured 3 years ago. I wasn't sure there was enough time to pull it off. After the premiere of Family Values and dance Nationals we got to work
Again, not a ton of different pictures besides my deck. I really wanted group shots of TJ and friends but that never happened.
The deck looked absolutely amazing...almost impossible to capture the jest of it all.
After family and friends left it was just Tj and his friends. They had 2 bonfires going and stayed out til the wee hours of the morning. I woke up to a basement full of sleeping teens.
Tj said after spending this last night with all his friends (they were inseparable all summer going from graduation party to graduation party June-August) he said he is now ready to go to college and begin his studies!!!!
Friday we take him to NIU!! TJ is living on the newly renovated...amazing!!! STEM floor. He will be with all the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math students. They have their own IT lab and tech support. The rooms are incredible as is the entire tower.

 Just Love and adore my baby Winter...just a sweet cutie!!!

 Katie and Juliette...exchange student from France that was here for 6 weeks. Spent only 3 of those with Katie's family

 lots of volleyball
 We literally have the best deck and yard for parties but never have them...weird

 My candy buffet

 I ran out of stain (a 5 gallon drum) and time...still need to do both sets of stairs and the majority of spindles. I really cant believe people pay to have this done. Thos deck would be thousands to stain professionally.
My joke: "What does a professional strainer and Mary McGinty have in common?"
'Neither of us has a Harvard Degree!"

 Karrick does this crazy fast finger clap, it's really fast and the camera picked it up

 The deck really looked cute, without the flash it was pitch dark. We dont have alley's so no street lighting in back...just bump up to neighbors which is much safer because there is no way for anyone to get in

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