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Aug 24, 2014

Move in day at NIU

my boy's new home

Yesterday we dropped Tj off at Northern Illinois University. We were all excited and nervous. I still cant wrap my arms around the fact that TJ is away at college.
I went 1 year at NIU , 32 years ago and my God it's a 100% different school.
TJ knows 5 or so kids from high school that are here. His good friend Jake lives in the tower next door. TJ was nervous, but excited and couldn't wait for us to get on our way home. So we left him and were home by 2 pm.....which is priceless.
I text him this morning and he assured me he was still alive...good to know. It will be an adjustment period for mom and dad. One doesn't stop being a parent just because the law recognizes our first born baby as an adult.

TJ is living on the STEM floor of the newly renovated GN tower. The rooms are spacious and bright. Flat screen TV's are in the lounges.

 A blank slate, we did buy Tj a rug but he'll have to figure out the rest

 The view from TJ's window

The orange brick dorms are suites, 12 kids to a suite. 6 bedrooms and a large common living/dinning kitchen area. Another new dorm

 The brand new Convocation Center house the basketball stadium and double as an entertainment venue

 TJ's Hallway and elevator bank above and below are all website photos NIU

floor lounges

 Not a bad laundry room on tjs floor

A website photo of the newly renovated building and cafeteria below complete with salad bars, ice cream bars, sandwich bar , pasta bar, grill and special of the day. TJ can eat in any dorm cafeteria on campus

 Now that NIU has a stellar football team they have a new stadium where tj can go and WATCH the games. Those are his dorms in the bacjground

These 2 helper girls were standing there talking to TJ, so my Tim grabs the rug and a box and hands it to the girls saying "You aren't doing anything, help my boy out" 
I busted out laughing as they got all giggly... so willing to help the new adorable student

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