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Sep 1, 2014

Family Values Cast party, SAG foundation fundraiser

Saturday morning i picked TJ up from NIU to come home for the long weekend. He had a cast function he needed to attend. "Whisk Chicago" with "Living good coffee" sponsored a party for the cast and crew of Family Values. In addition there was a SAG foundation silent auction.

Whisk just opened 2 months ago on Damen/Chicago. Oh as it good!!

Yes, TJ had to sign autographs. So weird that he is at the point of making appearances. I wont lie, I love it!

TJ with Merverth from Emurge Magaizine that did a story on Family Values. I still need to order the magazine. Jayson the creator/Star was on the cover.
FV was also featured in the Glenview newspaper

 Just a fun shot of tj coming from the garden party

 The boy was under the weather when I picked him up, but handled everything like a pro. He always gets sick the first weeks of school it seems
 I was happy he jumped out of the car for a picture in front of cool wall. He did not feel good by the end of the party

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