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Feb 27, 2013

Meistersinger Harlem Shake

Karrick was thrilled to be part of the Meistersinger Harlen Shake. Yes, that 
                      is him going back and forth in the foreground

Feb 26, 2013

snow and just being a little boy

The snow fell hard and it was beautiful! Karrick came home from school with a couple buddies and they had a ball with the brothers

Walking the Red Carpet

Friday night Karrick's school had a "Walk the Red Carpet" party. A DJ, refreshments, raffle, a red carpet and a whole lot of dancing is what the night had in store.
The girls all came dressed as their favorite popstars. It was really cute. Our PTA puts on many events throughout the year...all at no cost , which is great.

Karrick was a dancing fool

Feb 9, 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Feb 7, 2013

dress rehearsal

Monday Feb 4th was Die Meistersingers dress rehearsal at noon. We decided to take the train down to avoid the $32 parking fee at the Lyric (after 2pm weekdays and noon on weekends we get it for $8 with the Opera discount)
We met some friends also in the show at the Lombard Metra and went as a group
For the Dress rehearsal I was a spectator along with Tim, my boss and his wife. I have seen most of the 2nd and 3 rd acts because Karrick is in those. I really wanted to see the 1st act. I did great during Acts 1 and 2 (large coffee prior, diet coke during Act 1, another during intermission) The second intermission I was getting really uncomfortable (aches, pains, muscle spasms and stiffness) meds just made me tired so I sprung for a $3, 6 oz coffee and when checking on Karrick in the dressing room I grabbed another diet coke. Act 2 is great as Karrick is in most of it. He has a fight scene during the riot and he is front and center on the stage...so cute!
The 3rd Act, 1st scene I hadn't scene before. Holy Mother Mary of Jesus...I damn near slit my wrists...long and uneventful. Mind you this is a 5 1/2 hr Opera sung in German. The final scene is cool, the Carnval scene. Karrick is in almost all of scene 2 of Act 3.
During the carnival the kids chase 2 men on stilts (they guys are about 12 feet tall) They juggle bowling pins and 1 shoots fire out of his mouth. From day 1 Karrick complained about the fire blowing. He was very uncomfortable with it....the kid does not like fire.
The poor guy lit himself on fire, everyone including the kids that were 5 feet away on stage watched. It was so sad and horrifying. After Wesley (fire victim) fell down they put him out with fire extingushers, I saw Karrick run through the smoke. Thats when mama bear kicked in and I ran backstage. Everyone was alright, kind of in shock. The kids all said their hearts were beating really fast. CFD took Wesley to NW Hospital. A 1/2 break was called...then they redid the scene (w/o the fire) and we we dismissed around 6
It turns out Wesley will hopefully be okay. He is the sweetest kid, loved to sneak up on me when I was back stage. He and the other stilt walker would quietly walk behind me and I would turn to see this scarry 12 foot devil guy. The circus performers spent many hours playing with the kids, letting them run through their legs.
I wish him the best!
Tomorrow night is the 1st of 7 more performances.
Karrick just comes alive when he's there. Never once complained about the long long hrs. I am the boys Chaperone so I get to hang with them and escort them to and from the stage. I really enjoy the mom that chaprones the girls. We have a good time together
I will really be sad when this is over. I have loved every minute of it. I have met many international Opera stars, love listening to all the foreign stories and accents. Everyone has been delightful and fun.

 Love the picture of daddy and his little boy with the big personality

Feb 3, 2013

First Reconciliation

Yesterday, Karrick made his First Recomciliation at Sacred Heart Church. He is also preparing for his First Holy Communion.
Congratulations to my little man