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Aug 27, 2013

Happy Birthday TJ

17 and lookin good
Above is a super cool shot of TJ, my boy is growing up. He turned 17 a week ago.
My boy is back and ready to tackle his final year of high school. It's hard to believe that a year from now he'll be away at college
Happy Birthday!

Aug 26, 2013

4th grade!

Karrick's 1st day of 4th grade
Karrick looks like he's standing in a dang hole! Maybe the leaning over chopped a few inches off?
Either way he's a super cutie and a keeper. He is friends with a great group of boys

and the girls, always the girls

The High Schoolers

I have 2 guys in high school. TJ is a senior and Callahan is a freshman. 
Never a dull moment with these two. They had me laughing all morning as they feed off each other. Im pretty sure Callahan will slide right by as he doesn't look like a freshman at 5'11 and he has 4 out of 7 sophmore and Junior classes

Aug 22, 2013

lots of good stuff

It has been a crazy 2 weeks in the McGinty house. TJ is working non-stop. Below is the promotional picture for "Family Values" Imdb page. It's a web-series TJ is getting ready to film

 Below are some shots from a independant short film TJ shot last week. A troubled boy tries to commit suicide. TJ did a spectacular job. Can't wait to see fianl cut

He was able to fit in 2 commercial auditions and 1 call back this week...one audition was yesterday so it's too early for a callback

Today TJ filmed a paid Video at Columbia's new Media Arts Building (pictures from web). A casting director booked him straight from headshot/resume. Tim dropped him off this morning and TJ is currently in a cab on his way to the train station to come home.

I had to take Karrick to film a national TV show today. All I can say is watch the 3rd episode. Karrick also had a commercial audition yesterday

It's has been crazy, but the boys are having fun and we will enjoy this ride as long as it lasts

a sneak peaek is out for another movie close to our hearts

Aug 15, 2013

Congratulations Karrick on booking Chicago Fire!

This little cutie is filming an episode of Chicago Fire next week and I have to accompany him on the set.
Being a stage mom doesn't suck

Aug 4, 2013

Prom Shoppe.........Yes, more pictures

I love when TJ's dimple shows

A whole slew of pictures featuring my TJ. Way to fill up a portfolio
Oswego, IL
Tell them TJ sent you
I just loved this girls hair, it was stunning in person. All the models were sent to a professional salon across the street. They didn't send TJ for fear he would come out with blue hair as they are eccentric, Blue hair would be fine if he didn't have 2 other projects in the next couple of weeks

Can I just say that my TJ has a 40 outseam- the boy got leg