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Mar 29, 2013

My baby is 9

Today Karrick turned 9 years old. To me 9 is so much older then 8 as 8 is still a little boy. Where as 9 is a boy...a boy, my baby is a boy.
Karrick brings so much joy to all of us. He is smart as a whip, funny, quirky and serious all wrapped into that cute little body. 
A pure gift from God.

We sang last night and he opened his gifts. 
On his actual birthday we went to Brookfield Zoo; myself, Karrick and his buddy Nick. The weather was warm and sunny...a perfect way to celebrate his special day.
After the zoo Karrick and I had to be at Columbia College for reheasal at 6pm. He is in a movie and he rehearsed until 10 pm.
Let me tell you he was one tired little boy by then

 Happy Birthday Karrick!!
The joy you bring us is indescribable 

Mar 24, 2013

Sneak Peak

Here are just a few of TJ's shots from this weekends photo session. This year in stores the clothing choices for teen boys was outstanding. With bold and pastel in style and my TJ will wear it all. Check out socks in last picture.
Photos by Sandy at 

Mar 16, 2013

Callahan Patrick McGinty 14

My adorable little man turned 14.  Callahan went from the most miserable baby to one of the most laid back fly under the radar kid/teen. Cal is hilarious, sweet and brilliant 
We love this kid to no end...everyone needs a Cal in their life
Oak Park Village Champs in t-ball still tops one of his favorite childhood memories

 To Lombard basketball champs.....he grew a little

Cal and Katie love their Classic rock and retro style. she nailed it with the lava lamp

Happy Birthday little man, your wit, charm and passion endear you to everyone that crosses your path.
 The world is yours kid 
We love you to pieces

Mar 13, 2013

My little dancing machine

Karrick started Hip Hop lessons  yesterday at out local dance studio Aspirations Dance company. There is no shortage of glitz and glamour here. The only thing missing is the TV crew and Abby Lee.
Actually everyone was super nice and 2 of Karrick's classmates are in the class. His friend N is going to start next week.
 Karrick just LOVED it! Came out saying "that was so much fun!" " This day can't get any better"
Tonight he is going to try the boys only class (the time is a little late for me as it cuts into my TV/bed laying time) It's a smaller class too.
Karrick, in the last year has started busting out moves everywhere...even on Youtube

Oh and we joined just in time to participate in the Recital
I have to admit it's kinda fun for me

Mar 11, 2013

Our big weekend

March 8th, 2013 Tim and I celebrated 17 years of marriage 
We are really in a great place in our lives and
 have been blessed with incredible kids, great jobs , great friends and family
We have had a lot thrown at us and have been tested, but who hasn't? It just makes us cherish the good times so much more.
When we arrived we were upgrated to a 1 bedroom suite. It was enormous!
Also, Sunday, March 10th was Tim's Birthday so it was a magical weekend of celebration

One Bedroom River Suite South View
This very spacious One Bedroom River Suite features a private South-Facing Balcony overlooking the beautiful Fox River and a King Size Bed with plush down comforter. Room has a separate living room, heated marble floors, a Private Fireplace and oversized whirlpool tub, high speed internet and wireless, luxurious bathrobe and slippers, wet bar, fax & copy machine, DVD & VCR, hair dryer, iron & ironing board, coffee maker, mini bar and in room stereo system. 780 sq. ft.
CXL 2days before arr to avoid 1 night charge plus taxes
All reservations must be guaranteed to a credit card
Room Charges:USD 499.00
Fees:USD 0.00
Tax:USD 54.89
Total:USD 553.89
Of course we only paid  for a single room!!
We walked around the quaint Geneva town, shopped, ate and walked along the river.
The weekend was just amazing. Sunday morning I had a 60min massage in the spa
Tim and I really have fun together!
 Our signature picture on the bed

 the bathroom was almost the size of a regular room. That tub- AMAZING. Any tug that allows me to fully stretch my legs is a winner. It was deep enough where the water line came to my chin..and the jets..too freaking much!

 heading down to dinner

 view from our balcony. It was warm enough to leave the balcony door open so we could hear the rush of the fox river water

Mar 6, 2013

Final Performance at the Lyric

the 3 boys from Lombard

Sunday was the final performance of Die Meistersinger at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. After Karrick's bow he came off stage with tears in his eyes. He was sad it was ending.
Two months of long rehearsals and a month of 8, 5 1/2 hr performances. Karick never once said he was tired, wanted to quit, didn't want to go...Never complained once. It helped that everyone was amazingly nice and really liked the kids.
Most of the pricipals posed for pictures with the kids, which I posted all of them. Probably not that exciting for anyone..sorry

Mar 5, 2013

the wicker is gone

A year ago Christmas we moved out leather couch into the basement, so a giant 7 foot Christmas tree could monopolize our living room. After Christmas 2011 we brought in our deck loveseat made of wicker. Yes, wicker deck furniture adorned out living room for over a year, The original couch is still in the basement. It is a very pretty couch, but only to look at. The back rest is so puffy that you are pushed forward while the coushions are so soft you sink and dissapear.  We won't even bring up that it is impossible to get off the couch. It like a giant marshmellow swallowed you whole
I will never live it down that I bought a couch from a cataloge...whatever.
It got to the point where everyone would go to their respecticve rooms and we were having no family time.

Pure laziness kept us from buying a new couch

Tim and I bit the bullet and purchased this fine leather couch, ottoman and matching chair (on other side of room)

This has inspired me to finally add some finishing touches to our 1st floor.
(I haven't done it yet, so no evil thoughts on my blank walls)

Mar 2, 2013

Fun with TJ

TJ had an audition downtown today, so we got to spend the day together. On the way home I (begged, bribed then ordered TJ to let me take a few pictures) took some shots of TJ. He gave me 15 minutes at most. My kids just won't let me take pictures of them without drama first.
Anyway, they are adorable....image what I could do with cooperative models and some time