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Sep 23, 2013

TJ's PSA on anti bullying

Here is TJ's video he did. The other kids are following a yellow line that leads them to a help phone numbar and website. This is before they added it

Sep 15, 2013

WIU Leathernecks

Friday night Tim, myself and TJ headed to Macomb IL for WIU open house. TJ was accepted right away into their Physics program. After talking to the tech department he decided to go on that tour. Computer Science is a better fit for TJ, but it's not my or Tims decision.
What Tim and I loved about WIU was the average class size is 22. They dont have the enormous lecture halls. Some computer classes have as little as 4 students.
This was TJ's 1st college visit so he has nothing to compare it to. 
TJ applied to 7 colleges. He was bombarded with emails and brochures from colleges all over. I responded to some of them just because they offered no essay, no application fee and possible scholarship opprtunities.
Applying was a huge pain in the ass, but we are done and it feels good. We are way ahead of the game.
Where ever TJ decides to go, Im sure he'll do great!
I only took a few shots, we got there close to midnight and had to be at the school at 8:30. After walking around for most of the day, we headed back home (3 1/2 drive) so TJ could get to bed. He had to be on the set this morning at 6 am an hour away

I just think TJ looks cute in the above picture...baby face

Sep 12, 2013

editorial sneak peek

A while back TJ did a promotional editorial shoot with Nicole Thomas I should get the proofs next week....I hope

Sep 10, 2013

Family Values table read

 Sunday night TJ had his 1st table read for his web series "Family Values". It's really funny and TJ is super excited to be part of this project. 
Above is TJ and his co-star who plays his sister. Filmimg starts in a couple days!!!!

Sep 9, 2013

Yes, the Violin

Not sure where this kid gets his drive, but God Bless him! He has started the violin with the school orchestra and somehow we'll fit it in....I hope 

Sep 7, 2013

Season 2, Episode 3

I am just tickled pink that Karrick's check says "Chicago Fire".  I almost dont want to cash it. It's so exciting for me because of my family's history with CFD. I really hope he doesn't end up on the cutting room floor.

The same casting director called me Wednesday and booked Karrick for Mind Games a new series starting soon. She said she just loves Karrick to death! Made my freaking day!!!

It is so awesome that 6 TV shows are currently filming in Chicago and 2 major movies Divergent and Transformers 4. Gives a lot of work to IL actors

Sep 6, 2013

3 weekends of pictures up at the lake

The last 3 weekends in pictures
looks like Katie and Karrick above, TJ and Cal below . I used my zoom from our dock to capture this shot across the lake of TJ and Cal

annual Labor day party 

Worlds happiest baby
our friend Tim S (Tim's friend since childhood) has a house next to us came in from Colorado. always fun to ride the jet skies

Just my little cutie patootie Karrick

Sep 5, 2013

My Cal and Katiebug

We had the pleasure of Katie's company the last 3 weekends in Whitewater with us. She is just a delight to be around, totally down to earth and fun.
Her and cal were total troopers when it came to me and my camera. All pictures were spur of the moment. I even invited myself on thier nature walk to collect flowers for Katie's crown for the Renassaince Faire. I love a girl that won't gripe because she doesn't have make-up on

 These pictures below were shot in Vivid mode. They turned out super cute, I wasn't sure how they would look becasue Im not a fan of the over use of the saturation button. I think they look natural with a giant pop

Never under estimate the power of a pick-up truck

Nightly board games that went on for hours

Sep 2, 2013

big brother's ROCK

For the 3rd weekend in a row we went up to the lake (the only 3 times this summer) Callahan's buddy had 6 free tickets to the Renassaince faire in Bristol WI and Cal was thinking of staying home so he could go. Well, we decided we would drive him and Katie from Whitewater and stay with Karrick at the Faire. Callahan had gone a couple weeks ago with Katie's family and made his own costume (see last picture). I took Karrick to the Walmart up at the lake and we bought stuff to make him a costume. Two minutes into it, Callahan took over and I'm glad he did because he did an incredible job for his little brother.
Cal cut an existing shirt and laced it up with a shoelace

 I bought a clearance brown curtain panel, planning on cutting arm holes and making a tunic. That's when Calllahan stopped me. He made Karrick a cloak

A dagger

He used the tie back as a belt and rope as the weapon holder. He even cut a pair of pants

It was really a fun day..HOT, but super fun. Look at Cal's costume made from a linen shirt and pants

The kid has mad skills, I have yet to find something he can't do. He just whips stuff up from his head.
Karrick entered and won the "Best strut" contest...the kid is too much. I have had more people ask me "How do you get your kids to perform all the time"
Um, I don't get them to do anything....they do it because they like it. You can't make kids perform.  I couldn't upload the video to the blog, but it is on fb. Karrick was with all adults and he strutted and flirted like a pro. Ill try again to upload...it's precious