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Sep 2, 2013

big brother's ROCK

For the 3rd weekend in a row we went up to the lake (the only 3 times this summer) Callahan's buddy had 6 free tickets to the Renassaince faire in Bristol WI and Cal was thinking of staying home so he could go. Well, we decided we would drive him and Katie from Whitewater and stay with Karrick at the Faire. Callahan had gone a couple weeks ago with Katie's family and made his own costume (see last picture). I took Karrick to the Walmart up at the lake and we bought stuff to make him a costume. Two minutes into it, Callahan took over and I'm glad he did because he did an incredible job for his little brother.
Cal cut an existing shirt and laced it up with a shoelace

 I bought a clearance brown curtain panel, planning on cutting arm holes and making a tunic. That's when Calllahan stopped me. He made Karrick a cloak

A dagger

He used the tie back as a belt and rope as the weapon holder. He even cut a pair of pants

It was really a fun day..HOT, but super fun. Look at Cal's costume made from a linen shirt and pants

The kid has mad skills, I have yet to find something he can't do. He just whips stuff up from his head.
Karrick entered and won the "Best strut" contest...the kid is too much. I have had more people ask me "How do you get your kids to perform all the time"
Um, I don't get them to do anything....they do it because they like it. You can't make kids perform.  I couldn't upload the video to the blog, but it is on fb. Karrick was with all adults and he strutted and flirted like a pro. Ill try again to upload...it's precious

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