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Oct 31, 2013

Chicago Couture Fashion Week-joy Mitra

TJ walked his very first runway show, and not just any runway show. He walked for Joy Mitra during Chicago Couture fashion Week. His agent sent him on an audition and he booked the job. It was  held on
Friday Oct 25, at the Meadow Club in Rolling Meadows . He had to be there at noon for practice and they practiced all day. By the time the show started at 9:30 pm  TJ was a pro.
The Consulate Generals from India and Pakistan were there. The audience was made up of the who's who of the Indian world. I am so proud of TJ, he took on this challenge and nailed it. 
It's crazy how TJ has been busting his but for years auditioning and POW! within the last year the kid has been booking job after job. I'm not going to lie, it is really a fun and exciting world

Look how long that runway is

Working out with his personal trainer 3-5 times a week is paying off. TJ has his bone structure back and is totally looking like a model again

Oct 15, 2013

lights camera action

My boy on a normal day in 2013
TJ had one busy weekend. Saturday he had to read with actors/actresses auditioning for roles in an upcoming episode he was filming. Sunday he filmed on location in Hammond IN all day. I came a little early to pick him up so I could watch a little.

Look below at what they did to my TJ!
It was a flashback scene and yep it was smack dab in the 80's

My boy when they throw him back to the 80's

The writer sent me this picture during a break . 
Needless to say TJ's new name on set is "dream teen" as he was very popular with the female extra's

TJ and Grace his co-star, they play brother and sister. Great thing is Grace lives just a suburb away, so we car pool every weekend.
tid bit on Grace: she played Annie in the Broadway musical of Annie and traveled the US for 9 months at age 9. She has quite the resume


Monday was spent at Navy Pier doing a 3 hr promotional photo shoot. It was a beautiful day and everyone involved in the project is just a blast to hang with.  Above, TJ is getting direction from the photographer. I'm pretty excited to see the shots since the show is a comedy and they are all insane.
Thats all I can say

Oct 10, 2013

Karrick hip hopping

just a snippet of one of Karricks hip hop classes. This is a new dance as of today or part of it

Oct 5, 2013

My sweet Callahan and Katie

Callahan had a plan to ask Katie to Homecoming, but one thing after another all week prevented it from happening. Today was the day, but TJ had to work (filming) then by the time we got home it was raining, then it was dark.
Cal decided to just do it in the dark. He walked to the nearby 48 acre park and waited while I picked Katie up. We went to the park with a story of dropping something off at Karrick's buddy's house. I parked at the last house that butts up to the park. I asked Katie to walk with me. About 50 feet in the pitch dark park Cal was standing all dressed up holding Roses and Candy. such a simple idea but it was fabulous. Totally took Katie by surprise...she cried, Cal had the biggest smile and my pitch dark pictures turned out great
These 2 are just adorable and Katie's giant Bow was a perfect touch for the photos

Cal and Katie walked the block and a half home together in the dark

Birthday Bike Ride

Karrick is such a fun kid to hang out with, never really know what will come out of his mouth next.
I took some shots on the Great Western Trail from my birthday bike ride present. We are fortunate enough to live jusr a few block from the trail.
Karrick is between bikes, his new big bike is just a little big and his small bike just a little small

 Have no idea what happened here. 5 or so pictures came out like this, must have been in between settings? 

Here I was just playing with PSE

Oct 2, 2013

1 before 50

A draft since September 23 

My 49th birthday weekend was supurb. I can't believe that I am almost half way to my death. (I'm living to at least 100!) We started sunday, Tim took me to Oak Brook mall for a shopping spree. All I wanted/needed was new clothes. The weather was perfect for an outdoor mall.
 I bought creamy, flowy, lacy, silky Fall clothing. I just love them but, I still haven't worn them yet because Im afraid I'll spill on them. Hence the reason I need new clothes. I take that back I have worn the pants, the pink top and the giraffe top.
My favorite store is Anthropologie, but they don't carry XL so I'm limited due to my linebacker size shoulders. I was able to find 4 things..Woo Hoo. Then a  trip to the Irish shop netted me an Irish shall.
Shopping was followed by a nice lunch at Antico Posto.
Monday my actual Birthday, Tim forced  took the boys shopping while I went to bootcamp. When I came home the house was decorated and I was greeted with treats and gifts.
Karrick did greet me at the car with the card up above, it expired that night so we had to get to work! Lord knows I cant pass up a date with Karrick especially when it's FREE!
We went for a nice bike ride to the park and hung out after dinner ; )