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Jul 31, 2013

Research Inquiry & Experimentation- RISE

A few weeks ago I received an email from the Illinois Math and Science Academy in Aurora asking if Callahan would be interested in a new pilot program called RISE.
It is a high level year long college readiness program for exceptional student entering grade 9-12.

Duh! YES, I replied

2 days ago I received an application invitation. I had Tim register Callahan immediately. My experience with the summer programs are, they fill up ASAP. Nowhere else that I am aware of caters to these students that rank nationally in the top 1 - 2 %.
Callahan said he is up for the challenge.

I don't have all the information on this program, but what I do know is
it starts in 2 weeks

Program description: This year long course is intended for students who are interested in pursing a higher level year long, in depth study in a scienctific topic of their choosing. Succesful students in this course with be self-motivated and independent learners. The course will give student an opportunity to participate in a community of scientific research and scholarship

Course benefits

1.  Learn skills necessary to to conduct independent research and report your findings
2.  Choose a topic of your own interest
3.  Collaborate with other high school students involved in independent research and connect with a          research expert in your field of inguiry as an e-mentor
5.  Conduct authentic research
6.  Present your findings at various reginal/ state venus
7.  Select colleges and universities are seeking independent research experience 
     from top candidates

This should be an interesting and defining year for my Callahan

Jul 29, 2013

Bootcamp 6 mo later

6 months ago I joined Iron Will Bootcamp. 6 months ago I couldn't do a pushup, a squat or run 20 feet.  None of us could barely get through the warmup. We kept coming back, we swore, we grunted, sweated, spit (on accident while working out) and kept coming back.
About 2 months ago we all broke through and now we can push ourselves to finish, we can go until we feel that burn in out lungs. I can run an entire mile without stopping. Due to my injuries and arthritis in my hips, lower back, neck, shoulder and elbow I physically couldn't run.
Just to get through the first 3 months of camp I had to take a mild muscle relaxer and pain pill...I don't advise it, but I had to make a change in my physical self.
I  have lost 12 lbs. Ive lost 3 inches on waist, 3 in off my hips and even an inch off my thighs.
There are 5 of us that come regularly. One girl lost 22 lbs!
We sweat like animals, but laugh non stop
 I can do a real pushup!
 I dislocated my shoulder a few months back...it's almost back to normal but I wear a non-narcotic pain patch that also holds it in place...pops sometimes 

 Ok our instructors 9 year old daughter works out with us...she kicks our ass in everything

 At this point my butt and thighs are screaming for me to stop...burning!!! I am holding a 15 lb kettle bell.

 We I first started on the boku ball, I couldn't balance at all I would end up pushing it aside and doing it on the floor
 these are stars, they suck and I hate them...inches inches inches

 every mon wed and fri 5-6 pm $10 a class
TJ and Cal do the tough men training inside,,,TJ threw up on the way home friday. Hard freakin core for them.  With the boys it's around  $100 a week (for all 3 of us) total, but its so worth it. 
I can move, like really move...I had trouble walking down the block before
Now I have muscle
Anyone interested in joining let me know

Jul 28, 2013

Perfect pillow placement challenged

TJ's new room
it's the best we could do...pillows not magazine worthy

 TJ laughing becasue his parents are insane

When TJ and I walked in from Costa Rica we found a new bedroom had been designed by Tim and Callahan for TJ. For the last year or so, TJ has been sleeping on a twim mattress on the floor. He bounced too hard one day as he flung himself on the bed and cracked the frame.
He was to tall for a twin anyway but buying him a new set got lost on the list.
Tim and Cal went out and bought the frame, mattress and bedding and put it all together. It looked so stunning with that fresh from a magazine, that I ran to get my camera. When I returned TJ had climbed in and tossed the pillows aside.
Of course I tossed him out and re made the bed. I was taking pictures when Tim came in and said "The pillows are all wrong"
"Well then fix them, because I can't get it right"
As Tim fluffed and repositioned the pillows over and over he threw his hands up with a
 "I can't get it right!"

"Well, how did you get it the 1st time? I asked

"I didn't do it Callahan did"

Pillows?! The boy can set pillows too?!

We just busted out laughing, because when anyone needs anything fixed they call Callahan. When someone has a question about anything on this planet, they asked Callahan
When I was leaving for Costa Rica out of the blue Cal told me about all the different frogs that are 'highly poisoness" right down to each ones color and spots. Then came snakes. No, Callahan isn't a reptile, frog enthusiast...he just knows everything about everything. If you asked him how he knows it he replies "I just do"
The pillows put us over....needless to say after multiple tries we gave up with the pillows. Cal had already gone out for the night.

Jul 25, 2013

photos of the photo shoot

The Prom Shoppe in Oswego put some teaser pictures up from the shoot on their facebook page today.
I love TJ in the above picture, rockin the pink glasses. I am anxious to see the final product.
TJ's job doesn't suck....just sayin

Jul 24, 2013

a little sneak peak from TJ's photo shoot

TJ had a photoshoot for The Prom Shoppe in Oswego today. It's a beautiful store and TJ had a ball. I cant wait to see the finished product, but here is a

Costa Rica in pictures- 3

Church in Nicoya

There was some kid of celebration going on at the church in Samara, but Im not sure what it was about. Some Spanish skills would have come in handy...I know some to speak, but not to translate

More beach shots

Nathan sure did like the dogs!
and the waves

Just a local with a baby that just starred at me

It gets dark early in CR so the dinner walk was a dark one

Some of the animals I was able to capture on film

I thought this was a monkey by the tail. I was using a telephoto lens and frankly I have no idea what it is. It's huge...like a squirrel on steroids. Tail is a good 18-24 in and the body is a good 2 ft

these big fellas were everywhere
My howler monkey, I expected them to be like a giant gorilla considering how loud they are

the beach loungers were pretty cool!

 this is the same crab. Tell me that in the first picture 2 eyes are looking straight ahead and below one eye grew an arm and is peering to the right..Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

some cool creepy trees in CR

In the center of this tiny town there is a field...more like a plot of grass, nothing fancy but each weekend soceer games went on