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Jul 29, 2013

Bootcamp 6 mo later

6 months ago I joined Iron Will Bootcamp. 6 months ago I couldn't do a pushup, a squat or run 20 feet.  None of us could barely get through the warmup. We kept coming back, we swore, we grunted, sweated, spit (on accident while working out) and kept coming back.
About 2 months ago we all broke through and now we can push ourselves to finish, we can go until we feel that burn in out lungs. I can run an entire mile without stopping. Due to my injuries and arthritis in my hips, lower back, neck, shoulder and elbow I physically couldn't run.
Just to get through the first 3 months of camp I had to take a mild muscle relaxer and pain pill...I don't advise it, but I had to make a change in my physical self.
I  have lost 12 lbs. Ive lost 3 inches on waist, 3 in off my hips and even an inch off my thighs.
There are 5 of us that come regularly. One girl lost 22 lbs!
We sweat like animals, but laugh non stop
 I can do a real pushup!
 I dislocated my shoulder a few months back...it's almost back to normal but I wear a non-narcotic pain patch that also holds it in place...pops sometimes 

 Ok our instructors 9 year old daughter works out with us...she kicks our ass in everything

 At this point my butt and thighs are screaming for me to stop...burning!!! I am holding a 15 lb kettle bell.

 We I first started on the boku ball, I couldn't balance at all I would end up pushing it aside and doing it on the floor
 these are stars, they suck and I hate them...inches inches inches

 every mon wed and fri 5-6 pm $10 a class
TJ and Cal do the tough men training inside,,,TJ threw up on the way home friday. Hard freakin core for them.  With the boys it's around  $100 a week (for all 3 of us) total, but its so worth it. 
I can move, like really move...I had trouble walking down the block before
Now I have muscle
Anyone interested in joining let me know

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