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Mar 31, 2011

my little pitcher

Today TJ had his 2nd high school baseball game GO RAMS, anyway TJ was starting pitcher today. He pitched 5 innings out of 7...91 pitches!. First of all TJ has never pitched more than 2 or 3 innings in his life. This is also the first time he pitched 60.6 feet, mound to plate. TJ has only pitched 54 feet because he is almost a year younger than his classmates therefore has to play with his age in travel (8th graders) TJ won't be 15 until sophomore year.
I mention this because it is a big deal to pitch that much and that far for him. He had one rough inning, but never let it bother him and he totally recovered to continue pitching 3 more innings...which is HUGE!

Sadly we lost by 3 runs, but played a pretty good game. I think that some are suffering from high school baseball nerves.

How cute is my little boy who is almost a man

Mar 30, 2011

Happiness is...

Wearing your dragon birthday pajama's from grandma for the 3rd day in a row

 at work with me

At the ENT

Mar 29, 2011

My baby turns 7

7 years ago today, this beautiful little boy was born...2 weeks early at 9 lbs...
he is still 9 lbs...just kidding.
 He is a joy and delight to everyone he meets, I can't imagine our life without him. 
Sometimes God gives you an unexpected gift that turns out to be one of your greatest gifts

Happy Birthday my sweet baby

7 years old!...whoa

this is Karrick's birthday sunset

Mar 28, 2011

Birthday's in Long Grove

Yesterday we headed to Long  Grove to celebrate Karrick's and Grandpa Charlie's birthday's
They both turned 7... 7 and 7 with a 3 after it

Karrick got 2 new LEGO sets...to him it's like winning the lottery

 I gave him a big ball...a $2.50 ball (TJ picked it out). I will be damned if that boy didn't sit bounce roll toss bang and catch that ball for hours and hours

 Grandpa got a toy too

I absolutely love this picture of grandma giving Patrick a treat....love the front and background colors 

Tomorrow is Karrick's actual birthday and that will conclude this March month of celebrating. By the end of March, I'm done, so freakin done!  3 birthdays (4 if you count Patrick) and mine and Tim's wedding anniversary. Too much! We are free until the end of August (TJ's birthday)

Mar 25, 2011

my indoor garden

So, I bought some seeds, planted them in little pods and covered them with plastic wrap. In less than 2 weeks I have different sprouts at different stages. The first 2 rows from the left are watermelon, the middle 2 rows are tomatoes and the final 2 rows are green pepper and bell pepper. They are growing so fast that I will have to bury my pods in a larger container of soil.

I see cool photographs in almost everything I look at. I see light at different angles...they just pop out.I have been commissioned for my first professional job in July. A  outdoor family portrait with people coming from all over, as far away as Arizona. I am excited and terrified at the same time. People have been telling me I should try to go professional for a long time...we will see

Enjoy a few shots from my little indoor garden. I believe the background is as important as the subject..I love colors and shadows

Mar 24, 2011

Another great party for Karrick

We celebrated Karrick's 7th birthday last night at  Xtreme Trampolines next door in Carol Stream. It is the only one in the state of IL as of now. 15 of Karrick's closest buds, plus TJ , Cal and their 2 pals ran jump and flipped the night away. TJ's first baseball game was cancelled due to bad weather and he rocked his audition during the day

Karrick's actual birthday is next week during Spring break, but the center expects giant crowds based on Christmas break. XT has been open for only 4 months and it is a gold mine.
Mon-Wed are the least crowded night...I had concerns about a school night party, but every kid replied yes. These kids had so much fun that it was impossible to get them to come eat pizza and we had to do cake when the party ended at 7:30 while the parents were there. They wanted to keep playing after 2 hrs of jumping

This morning one of the teachers came out to say "I hear Karrick's party was a huge success, it was the talk in the classroom all morning"   Whoops....
She had a little smile on her face.

The foam pit was the little kids favorite...it was a little challenge for the kids to climb out, but they succeeded . Chase, below stopped my heart for a minute...

6 of the party guests in at the same time

 Dodge ball was also a big hit...did you know that every little boy ran up to me with giant eyes saying "I was the last one in, in dodge ball" followed by their own play by play narrative. 

Here is my little Karrick with 2 girls on each side. He can't decide with twin he should marry

They had 3 open tramp floors...ages 3-7, 8-13 and 14 and up. 1 foam pit and one large dodge ball tramp area

As always Karrick had very concrete ideas of what his cake should look like...we finally found and printed out a picture and brought it to the bakery to duplicate. We than bought 4 Lego racers to put on the track...I think Karrick duped me into buying the Lego cars

Karrick and pals in line for the foam pit

Dodge ball was multi-age and we didn't break anyone :)

Mar 21, 2011

TJ made the high school A baseball team

Today TJ was informed that he made the "A" team for Glenbard East's Freshman Baseball team...was I surprised?...No....was I worried sick for the last month...Yes
Time to sit back and relax...never in this house!

TJ's 1st game is Wednesday at 4:30... of course it is, you want to know why?
because Karrick's 7th birthday party is Wednesday at 5:30...sure the Hell is
18 kids are coming to Xtreme Trampolines in Carol Stream. Tim will go to the game.
Oh, but that's not all...it never is

Today TJ's agent called....he has a commercial audition Wed at 3:00.....downtown


I explained about the birthday party and asked if there was anyway we could get an earlier call time. I would gladly pull TJ out of school early on that day, because I am only 1 person. Thank God we were able to get a 12:15 call...whew! Just enough time to shoot downtown, audition, get home in time to pick up Karrick from school at 3:15, get his cake and get ready to head to Carol Stream for the party....Whoops, and get TJ to his game of course. At least A team plays at home on Wed...B is away

I really need TJ to book this commercial because it shoots in Orlando... Hot sunny Orlando...I really need to go to Orlando...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET TJ BOOK THIS JOB....FOR ME, FOR MY SANITY

It's a 3 day shoot and I'm sure 85 games will be scheduled for those 3 days...I'm not even going to look at the schedule

It is suppose to rain on Wednesday....wouldn't that be nice..huh huh :)
Than TJ can go to his brothers party and I can go to TJ's first high school game of his life the next week 

By the way we had to turn down the callback for the Columbia College movie...TJ would not be able to commit 100% 

Mar 20, 2011

Karrick's project

It is that time in the 1st grade when the kids have to do their first oral "how to" presentation. Karrick's presentation is "How to build a Lego car" On Friday he will have to stand in front of the class and explain the steps without reading it off of his poster board.

Karrick took the final picture (completed car) all by himself using my Canon SLR. He takes his time...moving in and out until he sees the shot...I think we may have a budding photographer

By the way, a few months back, Karrick announced "I am now KJ (karrick james)"

Mar 19, 2011


TJ ans his girlfriend Alexis are about the cutest dang thing ever! I love the fact that they can sit here forever and all you hear is laughter...their personalities really compliment each other

As I was out taking pictures of last nights spectacular moon they came out to join me. I snapped some candid shots of their ease together as TJ decided to run around while giving Alexis a piggy back ride. A couple of the pictures are a little blurry due to having the zoom lens on 

Mar 17, 2011

Glenbard East Rams basketball team advance to State

For the 1st time in 47 years our Rams basketball team qualified for the State Championship to be held Friday and Saturday in Peoria. Our mighty Rams traveled to Northern Illinois University last Friday for the Super-Sectionals and defeated Aurora East...quite the upset I might add

Today there was a pep-rally and tomorrow an early dismissal is in place. Buses filled with GEHS fans are leaving the school to travel together to Peoria. All Friday Saturday Sports have been cancelled




Mar 16, 2011

Callahan's 12!

12 years ago, 10:20 am a special boy was born. 

 Callahan Patrick McGinty turned 12 today
Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy.
Callahan is a very sweet, funny, sensitive and somewhat mischievous little boy.
Having him in our lives is one of God's greatest gifts.
I honestly believe he was put on this earth to do great things.
Callahan was born with an incredible near genius mind with a dream of being a great physicist 

6 years old

and today a  5' 4 inch 12 year old

Happy Birthday to our sweet baby/big boy

Love, Mom, Dad, TJ and Karrick

Mar 13, 2011

Man of the Year

Friday night we attended an awards dinner for ILCA or Illinois Landscape Contractors Association where my father in law was awarded "Man of the Year" for his excellence in tree and grass care.
When I got home from work Friday, Tim looked at me kinda funny and said "I forgot to tell you..."
You know how us gals love a good "get dressed in your Sunday best, surprises". It was a lovely evening and the food was incredible
In 1955, McGinty Bros, Inc was established by Charlie and his late brother John.Today the company provides total tree care, lawn spraying, hydroseeding, prairie seeding, mulching and natural area restoration.

Charles P. McGinty is Founder and President of McGinty Bros., Inc. Professional Lawn and Tree Care.

McGinty established the company in 1955 with the goal of providing his clients with the very best in lawn and tree services.  To reach this lofty standard, Mr. McGinty has always made it a priority to employ well-educated, professionally trained, and deeply motivated individuals who share his conviction and vision.  In his eyes, these people remain the key to his company’s success.

Mr. McGinty continues to personally oversee the company’s direction, and he is the driving force behind its well-deserved reputation as a premier source of tree service and professional lawn care.  In addition, he directs all aspects of strategic planning, which has enabled the company to remain at the forefront of the industry.  Mr. McGinty takes great pride in investigating and adopting up-to-the minute changes in equipment and execution, and he keeps his staff fully educated and informed.  “Our McGinty team uses the latest technology – coupled with environmentally friendly products – which allow us to complete every one of our projects safely and responsibly.”

Together with his son, Brian, Mr. McGinty also oversees the company’s daily operations, insuring that production efficiency and cost-effective management of its resources coincide with the organization’s uncompromised standards of quality and service.

During his 54-year tenure, Mr. McGinty has acquired hands-on work experience with every facet of his company, including tree trimming and hydro-seeding as well as sales and management.  Despite his active role, Mr. McGinty eagerly shares his success.  “My greatest professional accomplishment is the McGinty team.  We have assembled an extraordinary group of qualified, dedicated, and hard working individuals who truly love and respect this industry.”

from company website

In the early days McGinty Bros was based in the McGinty  home, where Lori (Tim's mom) ran the office

Guess who keeps that important ivy looking spectacular?

This is the office staff that keep all running like clock work. Tim's brother Brian is President of McGinty Bros