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Apr 28, 2009

Aristocats Live on stage

Tonight was Pleasant Lane's annual Spring musical.
The Kindergarten class sang songs from The lion king
Grades 1-3 performed The Jungle Book
Grades 4 and 5 performed The Aristocats
Callahan opted not to audition for a speaking role this year
 (I think he fell prey to peer pressure)
so he just enjoyed being in the chorus

Cal's class singing. You can see his head behind R. (the girl in complete black)
Cal and Ben
The 3 Musketeers

It was very cute and can't wait until Karrick starts Kindergarten 
as the little ones always steal the show

Apr 27, 2009


This is about the saddest thing I've seen in a while.
This is what is left of my lawn after raking enough
dead grass to fill 8 lawn bags.

The Lime killed my lawn!
I bought the regular ole grass seed from the store,
spread it and watered it.
Hopefully I will have grass in 2 weeks
if not I may have to call in the professionals


Apr 26, 2009


Today was Callahan's turn to pick the movie
and he chose "earth".
Loved it!
Great scenery.
There was a lot of mama/baby
relationships throughout the movie and it was
as if karrick read my mind. He climbed up on my lap
and put his little arms around my neck. We watched the remainder
of the movie all snuggled together

Apr 25, 2009

A Rare Occasion

Today was one of those rare days when we had
 NOTHING at all planned. 

The boys had friends stay overnight after Friday's baseball
game. They woke me up this morning by playing(yelling) in the driveway
I jumped out of bed thinking it had to be noon and staggered down the stairs
just to see 7:28 am on the clock. Are you freakin kidding me?
Not only did they wake me, but the neighbors received the
same lovely gift (sorry Mona)

As I sat on my front porch with my extra strong coffee, I noticed
a single rose had bloomed overnight.
 A sense of calm came over me

I really wanted to enjoy some sun. I
missed most of it yesterday due to work, then 
Karrick's Slinky shoot downtown. By the time we got to TJ's game at 5:30
the wind was a howling
as clearly heard in all my videos

Mother Nature had other ideas
for my Saturday
I alternated between working inside and 
lounging on the deck when the sun did peak out for 10 min intervals
Once the torrential rains came, I packed up the kids and headed to
the health club
Cal and Ben (my 4th son)
running the track
For the 1 st hour we had the pool to ourselves

Who has eyes that big?
I'm thinking the new Morton Salt Boy

Our rainy Saturday turned out to be delightful. It
was a rare treat to just hang with my boys
and have some fun
I get to do it all over again tomorrow
because we have NOTHING planned except to sleep in.
(minus the extra boys)

We won't get another free weekend until Fall
It was a rare occasion

Apr 24, 2009

Opening Night

The White Sox played a tough game. We were tied 3-3 going in the 
last inning. Cards had last bats and scored at the last minute 
to end the game 4-3 Cardinals.
It was a solid game with TJ pitching 
the first 2 innings. His private pitching lesson
paid off. He pitched a respectable game

Coach Mike giving TJ a "adda boy" after pitching the 1 st inning

TJ chatting with the 1st baseman...Hello, not a social call

I like this first video because on his
way back to 1 st TJ looks at me and
gives me such a cute smile
He's still my baby


Karrick had a booking today for Leaps and bounds catalog
which required him to miss school. 
He informed me that when I report his absence to the school,
I should just tell them  "that he'll be in a meeting"

Oh Dear...

Karrick played a cute boy walking his Slinky down the 

Apr 23, 2009

Alternative Energy Website

Callahan is in the gifted program at his school.They just finished a block
on Alternative Energy Sources. Each kid had to create their own
website page to be posted on the school district website.
Callahan was assigned Nuclear Power

That is the slogan for this block of study. The students have been asked by our District 44 Technology Coordinator to design a website on alternative energy options that will be posted on our district website. This website is meant to educate the District 44 community about alternative energy resources that will help sustain our environment for future generations. Please visit Pleasant Lane School's website, classrooms, and then Alternative energy website to see the 4th graders' work in progress and completed pages. What a great technological experience, as well as a wonderful research opportunity!

Gifted program

Apr 22, 2009

last practice game

Today was the White Sox 4 th and final practice game
We played the Mets which is coached by
TJ's travel team coach, Ross. So the pressure to do well was on.
There are no guarantees that TJ will make the team again
(99% he will) but you want to have a stellar game in front of this coach anyway.
TJ was walked twice and had a solid hit to right field that brought in our winning run
Our coach, Mike was saving TJ's arm for Friday's opening game, so he didn't pitch.
Not a bad idea since TJ has been throwing a lot of balls. He has a private pitching lession tomorrow at the DuPage training academy to get him back throwing strikes.
A little tweak is all he needs. I was thrilled when the Mets coach, Ross
told me he couldn't belive TJ wasn't pitching!
A blessing in disquise
No need to share our little secret of a pitching slump
by the time we meet again, TJ will be that OMG pitcher

It's great to see the team together having fun on and off the field

What do you mean we can't beat the crap out of each other
with our brand new uniforms?

Karrick and his new buddy.
 A dream come true that a new player on the team has 
a 5 year old little brother

So our ride home conversation went like this:

TJ- "mom, did you hear those girls on the soccer field
yelling at me?'

mom- " no, what were they saying?"

TJ- "they were yelling, hey TJ you look hot in your uniform,
you are so hot..."

mom-"they were not! really?, No! do you know them?"

TJ- "yeah, really mom and yes they are 7th and 8th graders
from school that like us"

mom- "Us? who is us?"

TJ- "well, me and Trevor and Trevor and Dean"

Mom- "are they cute? Are you going to ask one out?"

TJ- "yeah, they're cute and No"

Thank God!

Stick with baseball, kid

Apr 21, 2009

Creativity x 3

After dinner the boys each went their separate way.
Much to my surprise, not to a video game!

TJ has decided to teach himself to play the electric guitar
using online lessons
Karrick is obsessed with R.O.B. from
Super Smash Bros
and made a play doh model in addition to a portrait 
pretty darn impressive
Karrick is trying so hard to read and he may succeed before kindergarten
Today was his school book fair and we got 3 early reader books
He has already mastered addition and subtraction and some 
multiplication...in his head
Callahan's class each picked a state from a hat to do an
oral presentation. Cal got North Dakota
and he is alway enthusastic when it comes
to school projects, because they are open ended
and he's not bored to tears

Apr 18, 2009

Just a Great Day at Chez McGinty

We finally got the weather we have all been waiting for.
On a weekend too! While the boys were busy with friends I
tackled some much needed lawn work. Our poor poor grass is dead
from the  Hydrated Lime powder that the Village had to put on our lawn after
The deck got a good scrubbing and I even planted some flowers
Excellent night for a sleepover, we counted on 8
but only have 7

The 3 Musketeers
Wipe out...OUCH

trick water gun

Apr 17, 2009

Friday fun in the sun!

Christine your nephew has on his staple...
The Corporate X  t-shirt
sometimes I think he doesn't take it off for days

Pitching Practice
come on TJ, throw a damn strike!

My boys are garbage pickers!
now I can have even more crap in my garage
"mom, it was just laying in the street"

That's because it's JUNK!

Apr 13, 2009

And the Winner is...


Callahan did what any 10 year old boy is suppose to do when he gets up
in the morning. He let his dog out, forgetting the Easter Bunny
hid the eggs outside

Patrick spent the day outside for
obvious reasons
Today he is inside due to inclement weather
I hope he finished his colon cleanse...

Apr 12, 2009

Easter Pictures

Easter was wonderful.
 Egg hunt in the morning then we all went out to Long Grove
to spend the day with grandma and  grandpa McGinty.
Grandma hid the boys baskets in the house
while grandpa was in charge of hiding the eggs outside.
Not real eggs, but plastic eggs with monetary
amounts posted on them!
When all eggs are found you bring your bag to grandma and
trade them in for cash.
We enjoyed the traditional Easter ham dinner. Had a wonder fire
and good conversation.

This year I decided to post pictures I took while outside
their home