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Feb 28, 2011

ice + sun = beauty

Feb 27, 2011

Feb 26, 2011

The hair

Karrick marched into the hair salon and said "I want my hair like Justin Bieber, I got his CD and just saw the movie I'm going to be a singer" all in one quick breath
I'm going to say this "I enjoyed the movie and the CD is very pretty" I may even listen to it by myself driving to work everyday and yes, I sing along...AND I'M PROUD TO SAY THAT!

and the pink eye is finally gone....that was just horrible!

Feb 20, 2011

What a beautiful shade of pink.....eye


My good friend Missy hosted BUNCO night at her house. 16 of us girls came to win. I never played before, but I understand why so many people play. It was so much fun...I seriously haven't laughed that hard in so long. What a great evening with great gals....can't wait to do it again

Feb 19, 2011


 My Ginny's catalog came in the mail today and my Callahan's picture is in there. Every job Cal gets now is a gift, as his days are numbered. He is getting too tall to kid model....He's 5'4 ,12 years old next month. He sure will miss it, he has had a steady income since age 2.....he hasn't had his growth spurt yet, so maybe he'll shoot up to 5' 11 and continue to work in the adult world...I'm willing to draw a beard on him

Feb 18, 2011

New car

 Last Friday Tim's car died...I mean died, no fixing it dead. We have had one of those weeks where we go from one place to another everyday from sun up to sun down, with 1 car. Tim found our new (used) 740 BMW for a steal! I drove him to pick it up, we plopped down cash and drove away. A perfect end to a long, busy and somewhat frustrating week

WE OWN A BMW !!!!!!


Feb 11, 2011

Crazy Train

 This year Karrick's school had an 80's dance party instead of the traditional sock hop. Karrick was Ozzy Osbourne. He was a little upset when we got there and he realized there was no stage for him to get up and sing on, he loves the song Crazy train and Iron Man. Our PTA puts on this annual party all free of charge, complete with DJ, games, prizes and food...FREE
The above picture was taken at the end of the party. All the kids do is run, run and run until they a exhausted. There is something adorable and kind of tragic about it...the big brown eyes?  Rosey cheeks? A Kewpie doll?  Do I dare say "the Heroin sheik look"

 Karrick's "pleather" pants a find at the Good Will store $3.99, along with the rocker tee $2.99 . Both found in the girl section. When we got home Karrick goes "get these pants off me, I am sweating, even my underwear is sweating"
 Ring Pop walk...Karrick won

Feb 9, 2011

It's A Boy!

It is that time again in the McGinty house.... Baby Egg time.
In 6th  Family Science all students must take care of their own baby egg. Callahan must take care of "Chester" 24/7 for 3 days. In the event he can't,  he must get a baby sitter.
In order to receive their eggs yesterday, they had to bring a crib and all the necessities to school. Monday night Callahan ran around and found everything he believed little Chester would need. Tuesday morning he ran out the door to catch the bus and left all his stuff on the table....Aarrgh!

After I dropped Karrick at school I schlep all my grand-egg's stuff to the middle school office. Clearly it shows that GOD FORBID, 6TH GRADERS JUST AREN'T READY FOR PARENTHOOD. As I was walking out, another proud grandfather was walking in with a little basket.

I thought Callahan did well with gathering supplies, I love the roll of "baby wipes". Next to it is the baby bottle and below is Chester's doll

I wasn't really sure what the band-aid was for...

Then Chester came home on his first day wearing a band aid. Turns out Callahan stuck a pencil in the lid of his Tupper-wear crib to ventilate and 

We had to put out an Amber Alert for Chester, he didn't come home with Callahan today.
This is Cal's story "I didn't want to put Chester on the floor after school at my locker for fear he might get kicked, so I put him in my locker while I filled my back pack. I was running late for the bus so I slammed my locker and ran. Once I got outside and saw all my friends with their eggs getting on the bus....CHESTERRRRRRRR!"
"By then it was too late, I would have missed the bus...."

The rule in the McGinty house is
"you miss the bus...you walk"

We'll see how poor Chester weathers the night in the locker. Cal says on average 3 eggs come back to the teacher unscathed at the end of the project. One poor egg was eaten by the house hold dog and just pieces were turned in.

On a positive note my TJ was one of 2 kids in his class to return a perfect egg and receive a 100%. TJ has and always has had a knack for taking care of babies. He has taken care of Karrick since birth. At age 5 we left Karrick, in TJ's ( age 13) care overnight while Tim and I went to a hotel. Yes, we sent Callahan over to a buddies.

Tj's friend Doug, while waiting for the bus in 6th grade let a classmate hold his egg. That classmate dropped the egg. If someone else breaks your egg, you get an automatic A and the murderer gets a detention. Stories of broken eggs are a dime a dozen

Feb 5, 2011

An old friend joined us for lunch

Buttercup used to go everywhere with Karrick. For the last year Buttercup sits in the corner of Karrick's bed...a sign that a little boy is growing up.
Buttercup joined us for lunch and the watched Karrick play basketball

Feb 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011, the middle

The big storm hit us and hit us hard. We never lost satellite or power. A lot of homes in Lombard did lose their power and that had to be rough. Schools were closed and are closed again tomorrow. Tim's company Etrade Capital Markets put up the employee's at the Chicago Hilton, complete with dinner. Tim decided to come home...aweeee on the train last night. Well, that train broke down at Western for over an hour, so it was  a long commute.

I took some pretty cool and fun shots of our day

 this was the build up of snow on the lower level window, which Callahan stuck his face in

 The flash reflecting off the snow flakes 

Love this picture of the fresh snow in the backyard 

The snow is so deep it almost made it to the top of the fence
  This snow drift was at least 5 feet high
 I think we may be one of the few people that doesn't have a snow blower...good old muscle power!
 I think Callahan gets some sick enjoyment from putting his face in the snow....Ouch!