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Feb 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011, the middle

The big storm hit us and hit us hard. We never lost satellite or power. A lot of homes in Lombard did lose their power and that had to be rough. Schools were closed and are closed again tomorrow. Tim's company Etrade Capital Markets put up the employee's at the Chicago Hilton, complete with dinner. Tim decided to come home...aweeee on the train last night. Well, that train broke down at Western for over an hour, so it was  a long commute.

I took some pretty cool and fun shots of our day

 this was the build up of snow on the lower level window, which Callahan stuck his face in

 The flash reflecting off the snow flakes 

Love this picture of the fresh snow in the backyard 

The snow is so deep it almost made it to the top of the fence
  This snow drift was at least 5 feet high
 I think we may be one of the few people that doesn't have a snow blower...good old muscle power!
 I think Callahan gets some sick enjoyment from putting his face in the snow....Ouch!

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Mel said...

Callahan is getting more handsome by the minute! Looks like you had a great day!!