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May 31, 2009

Paradise is just 5 blocks away

Wow, our new neighborhood pool is done! 

Demolition (amazing photos)

The pool is due to open on time June 6th. It is close enough for 
the boys and their friends to get there on foot or by bike.
It looks amazing and definitely worth our property tax
I'm so excited!

My First Bike

Karrick got his first real bike. He climbed on and
stated " I don't have any bike skills"

The humor there is that Karrick  tells anyone who will listen 

"I have Ubert skills"

(at everything that he does)

German, from über over, beyond, from Old High German ubar — more at over
1 : being a superlative example of its kind or class : super- <übernerd>2 : to an extreme or excessive degree : super- <übercool>

the term "über" carries much of its English sense implying irresistibility or invincibility.

After 20 min of practicing rest assured
he now has uber bike riding skills

May 29, 2009

Thank You St Pius X

Today was Karrick's last day of preschool and his final day at St Pius X.
A bitter sweet day

My baby is going to kindergarten in the Fall and
he will be attending Pleasant Lane where Callahan
will be in the 5th grade. 

Karrick had a very positive experience at St Pius. I found the
teachers and staff to be genuinely invested in Karricks
education and well being.

Karrick won the hearts of many people. I can't count the
praises I have received on his behavior and all around
sweetness from teachers and other parents

In celebration of the last day, all 4 pre school classes had a picnic
across the street

St Pius gives hardcover yearbooks in color
filled with pictures and memories

Click to inlarge

Karrick's report card reinforced his beautiful behavior
and respect that he shows for himself, teachers and fellow students
At home he can be a Dennis the Menace, and somewhat 
mouthy, which is fine.
As long as he treats everyone with kindness and respect
while out in the world; I know I'm doing my job as a parent.

Yes, he missed 52 days of school...shoot me

Karrick autograph book
Karrick's scrapbook of his year at St Pius
How he has grown...

May 22, 2009

Faces of a pitcher

TJ pitched an incredible game tonight;
the entire White Sox team really played well
Congrats guys

With my new camera and zoom lens I get to see the faces 
that he makes while pitching. Very intense and funny

 The kid has one Hell of a fast ball!

A Day at the Beach

Today was "beach day" at St Pius for the pre K4
This was Karrick's outfit complete with a
yellow beach chair

I think he thought it was
"come as your favorite tourist" day

While the rest of the 4th grade art class made clay pots,
Callahan decided it would be much more interesting to create 
The " French Demon"

I'm so proud!

May 21, 2009

Fun in the sun McGinty style...Day 2

Karrick's friend Jillian came over
to enjoy the hot sunny weather
Karrick asked me for "that chalk that hangs"
3D...It really works!

The bigger kids came over later
The best $15 I ever spent was on this triple lane slip and slide
Boys being boys, added liquid soap
It isn't fun unless there is the fear of a broken neck

May 20, 2009

Fun in the Sun...with a garden hose

TJ's pitching lesson was canceled so he invited some friends over
for some fun in the sun. I love to watch a group of 13 year old
boys just have fun...with a garden hose, non the less

Sprinkler + trampoline = Big Fun

Never to old to play on the swing set

May 17, 2009


I did something I don't ordinarily do. I went shopping
I don't mean shopping. 
I finally received my settlement.
While the majority went into a savings account
I had a new roof but on, paid off any outstanding bills
and put enough aside to redo the kitchen, laundry room
and upstairs bath.
I decided to treat myself to some nice things
(not without guilt, I might add)

I bought this amazing Canon EOS Rebel t1i camera

I am still waiting delivery of the 
telephoto lens

I bought some cute shoes at ALDO
which I never would have
walk into before 

I shopped at Lord and Taylor
for the first time in my life!
bought 2 dress', 1 skirt and 1 shall 
(not even on sale)
my heart pounded while paying
felt like a sin

I also picked up some odds and ends for the Tim and the

Hell, they have suffered right along with me
due to my neck injuries

It was really fun and exciting to live as a rich
person for 1 weekend, but I had my fun
and now it's back to reality 

I took many pictures this weekend with my new camera. I am still learning to use all the features. The color and clarity of these photos is amazing even though
I will need to play with it for a while

This picture, I zoomed in from afar
and it is crystal clear. Just wait until my
telephoto lens to arrive, then you'll
be able to see TJ's eye color from across the field

Friends on a Saturday afternoon

Monkey see monkey do

I bought Karrick all new summer clothes 
from the Gap
Check out his cute Linen clam diggers

Go White Sox!
Yes, Buttercup even reaped the rewards

A $10 garage sale find...A solid wood roll top desk
complete with drawers and little cubes