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Feb 12, 2014

TJ in Us Weekly Magazine!!!!

TJ is in the Us Weekly Divergent collectors edition magazine! Biting his damn thumb none the less.
It also looks like he is on the top right of the Amity box. Ill have to wait until he gets home from school and ask him. Now I have to go buy the magazine...


Feb 9, 2014


Whenever Im on my computer Riley climbs up and falls asleep using my keyboard as a pillow. I nudge his off and he puts it back.
I should probably dust my desk

Feb 4, 2014

Two 9 Productions launch party

Saturday night the cast of Family Values was invited to the Two 9 Production  launch party. As fate would have it the party was held in Bloomingdale a mere 15 min away.
Everyone walked the red carpet and there was a photographer to take photos of everyone.
There was live music, food and a raffle which I donated a portrait package.
It was really a good time as
our cast is absolutely hilarious to hang with
 Above TJ is standing with Shannon Brown a Chicago actor who also has a reoccurring role on FV. He and his wife Suzette own the two 9 production company.


 Tj ran into a girl he knows, so that was fun for him. Girl in red

 I printed out a bunch of 3 x 5 and wallet  size head shots of TJ to pass out...network network network! Chicago is so hot right now with all the TV shows and movies being filmed here

Feb 2, 2014

it's Hawt!

TJ had a casting on Friday for a runway show. They had everyone walk a few times before filming. Each time they commented on TJ's smoldering look (loved) as he walked the runway. He kept his composure each time until the photographer (white t-shirt) commented.
It was a super fun afternoon seeing old friends and making new one's