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Feb 28, 2009

New Blog

I have started a second blog called "Build A Body"

Starring none other than ME
look on upper right hand corner of
My Three Sons 

Feb 27, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes...part 105

I was informed this morning by karrick
that I am no longer allowed to feed him black foods.


" I keep finking you are trying to make me eat dirt"

It was just a bran muffin, I swear

Feb 26, 2009

Zappos and Bloggers Block

I have been suffering from some serious bloggers block.
My last post was a stretch
As they say no news is good news
The most exciting thing going on today is that I bought Karrick
a pair of way cool expensive shoes.
He has problems putting on shoes himself. It
probably stems from his lack of core strength issues
which resulted in him not walking until 2
and unable to hold a pencil correctly thus far.
With the wide Velcro T shaped
tongue it's easy to get shoes on himself

Feb 22, 2009

Week in Pictures

 Another week has come to an end. I know I'm not alone in asking "when did life get so busy?"
Time is just flying by, I am waiting for the day
I wake up and it is warm. Oh forget warm, Hot
I'm ready for HOT, hot and sunny
Our weekend was wonderful. The boys had friends over the majority of the weekend
and of course there was basketball Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Both Cal and TJ won their games, while I

The 3 favorite toys in the McGinty house: Moon Sand, Magnetix and Lego's.They pretty much stay in the living room. Cal and TJ had a sleepover at our house
last night and yes, the preteens were playing 
with the Magnetix. Hell, I play with it.
They were recalled due to kids swallowing the magnets, so Walmart
had them on clearance which I quickly scooped up multiple
sets. Great physics toy
Long over due haircut...Sooooo cute!
TJ made popcorn and melted way too much Butter. Where was his best idea to dump it?
Down the drain
I couldn't for the life of me figure out why the kitchen sink was clogged
this morning.
We have a garbage disposal...Everything is obliterated
before it hits the pipes. Tim removed the trap to find 3 inches
of solid butter. So Gross
He is now banned from butter, nobody needs that much butter.
I told him that's what his arteries will look like if he continues
not to mention what will happen to his waist line
The boys and their sleep over buds playing basketball in the snow.
It could be 30 below and these boys are outside
playing basketball ot jumping on the trampoline
 I don't have to stress about them playing video games
to long, it all evens out

My handsome little man Cal at his commercial audition, head shot in hand

Karrick's day to bring snack, so we made Rice Crispy treat cupcakes. 
Big responsibility when you are snack person.
In addition to the snack you
 1) count how many classmates there are
  2) describe and post the days weather on
the weather board.
                                                 3) Line leader all day.
        4) must hold back big curtain on stage in gym
           until all classmates have safely entered the
stage area. The stage has all the gymboree soft
climbing stuff

Feb 21, 2009

Karrick, karrick , karrick a work in progress

With the start of Lent next week, St. Pius X  is introducing 
the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching to the preschoolers
summed up are

  Human dignity
     • The common good     • Subsidiarity and
     • Solidarity

Karrick's class is participating in Operation Life Bowl in
which each child came home with a little cardboard
 bank to collect funds
Our morning went like this:

  "Karrick this bank is to collect money for the poor kids"

  "I'm not giving those kids my money"

     he has no idea what poor kids are, they are those phantom kids
 we send our old toys and clothes to. So I whip out the
 brochure and show him the poor African children trying to appeal to his 
sympathetic side
   He listens to me with the look of
 Horror on his face

 "  Look,\  Karrick these kids have no food and no beds to sleep on.
their house has dirt floors and walls made of mud
  They have to get water from outside which is dirty
If  everyone gives just a little money it will help
buy them a bowl of rice" 

" I SAID, I'm not giving any of my 
money to those kids!
 I need my money to buy toys!"

I try the less subtle approach

     "Get your little butt up those stairs and get some coins
to put in the bank for the poor kids
 " It is what Jesus' would want you to do and
     it will make your heart feel good!"

     I admit it, I played the Jesus' card.
Karrick stomps up the stairs and stomps back down the stairs
and plops a nickle in the little cardboard bank
and with the look of Satan he says:

"This is all I'm giving to those kids, 1 coin!"

to which I reply:

"See, doesn't your heart feel good to give to someone that doesn't have 
all the things that you have?"

Karrick looks up at me with those big brown eyes and says:


Feb 19, 2009

A Big week for Callahan

Discovery Center logo

Today Callahan's 4 th grade class has a field trip to the math and science center housed in
one of our district grammar schools.
 Cal was quite excited to attend this trip with his class.
 All Lombard schools go to the Discovery Center once or twice a year. 
Anything that keeps cal motivated in learning is a bonus. If it is
not one of his PROJECT EXPAND days it's a struggle for him to
go to school
I don't say this out of "get a load of my kid"   It is a legit concern as a parent to make sure my child's needs are met
and I thank God our district has the resources for kids like Cal
Not all school have funding for these special programs 
I attended a few seminar's on "you and your Gifted Child"
I was given a book titled
"Stand Up for Your Gifted Child"
It's a practical quide that helps you become a more powerful advocate for your child at school.
These children often fall through the cracks, unless you as a parent step in

Lombard District 44 is proud of our Discover Earth Through Math and Science Center. The Discovery Center was developed to implement innovative technologies through creative, engaged learning experiences for children in science and math. The center is located within Manor Hill School at 1464 S. Main St. in Lombard. We are in the midst of 5.0 years of operation in which students in grades K - 5 are bused to the Discovery Center to become scientists and lab technicians exploring scientific discoveries with high-tech tools for learning. 


this week the gifted program started block 2. Callahan 's PROJECT EXPAND teacher emailed me a wonder letter saying how excited she is for Callahan to be part of this block on alternative energy resources. She feels he will be challenged and focused.

Mrs. Baltmanis was equally excited to again this year to fill out Callahan's recommendation letter to participate at IMSA (Il Math and Science Academy)summer program

Callahan is the only kid in his Project Expand class that

has been identified as Gifted in more than 1 area

so constant communication with all his teachers is vital

10775/10775_69664990_4309.<span class=
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Mission Statement 

We, the clever and creative Project Expand thinkers of Pleasant Lane School, plan to have fun, solve problems and think outside the box by working as a team, focusing on tasks and NEVER giving up.

10775/10775_69664990_4309.<span class=

IT'S RAD TO RENEW! That is the slogan for this block of study. The students have been asked by our District 44 Technology Coordinator to design a website on alternative energy options that will be posted on our district website. This website is meant to educate the District 44 community about alternative energy resources that will help sustain our environment for future generations. Please visit Pleasant Lane School's website, classrooms, and then Alternative energy website to see the 4th graders' work in progress and completed pages. What a great technological experience, as well as a wonderful research opportunity!       

 Callahan's Alternative Energy source is Nuclear Power

Our second block of study will be It’s RAD to Renew:  interactions with scientific and natural resources that can be used to develop alternative energy sources. This block uses a problem based learning (PBL) approach.  Project Expand’s PBL units are developed to challenge students to "learn to learn”.  This approach capitalizes on their own natural curiosities, guides them in the research process, and develops their critical thinking abilities.  The students will work cooperatively in groups or individually to develop a recommendation about a real world issue.  

Feb 15, 2009

A Quick Trip Downtown

Today the USLA had a get together downtown at WestEnd Tavern
in honor of Bill and Donna Richardson of Huntington Beach Ca.
Bill is a former President of the USLA
Many old-old lifeguards showed up, some I haven't seen in 27 years.
Yeah, I think Erin and I were the babies of the group
The first words out of Bill's mouth was "did you get your award?"
"No" I reply....opps
Surprise was blown. Joe Pec ( former head of Chicago Beach and Pool and
current Pres of Great Lakes Chapter)
decided to throw a party this summer
and present my official award (temp awarded in Florida)
when my family could be there
It doesn't get much better than these people
I was awarded the Meritorious Act Award for saving a man in the ocean
on the island of Kauai this past April.
The 31 yo man dove in the surf and broke his neck, he is a

Not a fire, just the sun setting on my way home

Feb 14, 2009


After Callahan won his basketball game we headed over to the
local Diary Queen in downtown Lombard.
It opened in 1953 and I don't think much has
changed. It sells only ice cream and has only outside 
walk up windows.
Last night was the season's opener. It only closes for 3 or 4 months out 
of the year.
Today they were giving out free cones! One would not 
know it was only 35 degrees outside
Diary Queen is always surrounded with people.
In the summer you will find baseball players of all ages, in dirty 
uniforms eating ice cream after a big win hanging around the parking lot.
It has that small town old fashion feeling to it. You will always know most
of the people there . It's just fun.
I think everyone was trying to "feel the summer" after
this endless winter

The 3 Musketeers

Memories of Yesterday

I traveled to Oak Park today for my 1st acupuncture appointment. My girlfriend Mel has had positive results using Chinese medicine. During my consultation my history was taken.
I had reveal my dislike for food prep and meals. Chinese medicine recommends that I eat warm
foods (soup) and drink warm beverages(tea)
I can do that
I couldn't hide my horror when "Julia" asked about my feet. I have foot phobia,
I went out of my comfort zone, removed my socks and yes, let her insert
the tiny needles in my feet and toes.
Mel suggested I turn myself over to the experience...
How'd I Do?
I must admit my nervous were tweaked for a little while following my procedure.
Tweaked, meaning my nerves were overstimulated and somewhat 
Within a few hours I felt pretty good, a little more mobility. I
am going back next week!  

While I was in Oak Park I went by our old homes; many memories came back.
I drove around the neighborhood and reminisced with myself

I had to take multiple pictures of out last house because It was friggin huge
I do miss all that space and the character of a 100 year old home 
I don't miss the enormous heating and repair bills

This was our first home, a cute 5 room bungalow. I probably have my
best memories from this home. Callahan was born while we lived here.
I only went in the office 1 day a week and was able to walk to Rehm pool everyday with TJ
TJ still talks about his 3rd birthday party celebrated at this home
Life was so easy and peaceful. It's amazing how fast it all goes
TJ goes to high school in 2 years

Feb 10, 2009

My Boys and the GIMP a day in pitures

The boys have discovered GIMP it's my photo editing program,
so creepy but hilarious

                                                         A beautiful day spent at the park

Feb 9, 2009

Fighting Back

Three years ago this past November I was in a car accident.
A 76 year old man with Alzheimer's blew through a intersection.
I was on my way to a photo shoot with Callahan and Karrick
I thank God that I was driving the old Ford Explorer aka: the Tank.
It was totaled but we were intact.
Funny, the day before I removed the car seats as
I did periodically to re install them for a tight fit.
I suffered whiplash and permanent nerve damage. I have had nerve relocation surgery on my right elbow. I have also had 4 outpatient procedures Facet Injections
at C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 on both sides. I have also had numerous
trigger point injections. I take Lyrica
for constant burning, tingling pain in my arms and hands.
I will have a headache and neck pain for life.
The doctors and I get a good laugh during all
my injections due to the loud bubble popping noise as each needle
is injected. That is due to the chronic inflammation and muscle spasms.
The noise is worse than the pain of the needle. Very gross.
My activity with my boys has been forever altered

I honestly would take a painless life over any monetary settlement
No amt can replace what I've lost

Now to my Fighting Back
I am pledging to my family to get back in shape and rejoin the world
pain or no pain.
I know there are things I can change in my diet to reduce Cortisol
levels. It is a horrible side effect of all the steroids that have been pumped in me.
Melissa, I need your acupuncture lady. Only referrals are in Naperville. To far!
I am going to document it all on a separate blog
to keep me motivated and to hopefully see the transformation
After 3 years of moping around, I'm getting off my ass and will

Cheesy as cheesy can be... I KNOW

Sunday February 8th 2009

I went to the movies last night while Tim had movie night with the boys at home. I saw "he's just not that into you'. I liked it a lot. A feel good chick movie.

The last 3 mornings this is what I wake up to. Karrick comes in to our room in
the middle of the night. He says my chair has
"Scrumphty Bumps"
translation: Very soft
TJ warming up at his basketball game. They won! and I have nothing to say about the game. Sorry TJ, I chatted with the mom's the whole time. Baseball season is right around the corner and we had lots to discuss
To the general public all the games look the same

Feb 7, 2009

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Spring is in the air, if only for a day.  I was so excited to be outside today;  I started by washing the windows then we walked to Cal's basketball game. 
Well I walked

 he ran

and he ran...
and he ran
Some excellent action shots!

Team Chriskie really played well today. Callahan sunk 2 free throws, 
scored another basket and got robbed on 3 more shots. Exciting because he was in the game. 
It's hard for new players to break the ice and be comfortable shooting
Cal gave a great effort

That's Cals ball...Swish

Both teams played great, but only one team can win....Team Chriskie
A nice long bike ride