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Mar 28, 2009


Karrick is 5
Well really tomorrow, but we celebrated it today
actually it started yesterday at school. He brought his hamster to school, pound cake 
covered in gummi bears and goody bags for his classmates
He got a special button and crown to wear for the day
March was a busy month for us McGintys, in a span of 
3 weeks we celebrated 13 years of marriage.Tim's, 
Callahan's and Karrick's birthday...an endless wait for the 
5 year old

I can't believe my "bonus baby" is 5
(Melissa coined that phrase)
He was a surprise (cosmopolitans by the pool will do that)
I had all kinds of problems during my pregnancy
My OB/GYN said at 7 weeks she never had a successful pregnancy with
such low hcg and progesterone levels
Couldn't find a heart beat
pre term labor at 31 weeks, 5 weeks bed rest
It was just meant to be
Karrick James McGinty was born 2 weeks early at 9 lbs
preemie my ass!
We couldn't image life without him and he has been a delight,
not to mention he has been about the cutest baby/little boy ever
now a big boy of 5!

I couldn't help but put in a ton of pics

Karrick at his Christening 5 weeks old and the last time my mom held or saw him

I think he is done and ready for bed

GOODNIGHT sweet baby

Mar 25, 2009

A Night Out at the Theater

It was my big night out with my boys. We were going downtown to
the Oriental Theater to see Mary Poppins. You think Mary Poppins and a warm fuzzy feeling
comes over you,  reminiscent of your childhood days.
We started our night with a nice dinner (I envisioned a steak house) the
boys wanted Arby's.
It's about being together, right?


We did some shopping on State Street and with 15 min to curtain we headed across the
street to the Oriental Theater
only to find out ...

It was at the Palace theater 3 blocks down


We get to our seats giddy with anticipation
The curtain goes up and the show begins, the next 1 1/2 hours
went something like this

"sniff sniff in" "sniff sniff out" "sniff in, sniff out"

"sniff sniff in" "sniff sniff out" "sniff in, sniff out"

"sniff sniff in" "sniff sniff out" "sniff in, sniff out"

"Where's Mary Poppins?"

"sniff sniff in" "sniff sniff out" "sniff in, sniff out"

"sniff sniff in" "sniff sniff out" "sniff in, sniff out"

"sniff sniff in" "sniff sniff out" "sniff in, sniff out"

"Where'd  Mary Poppins go?"

"I told you I didn't want to come, where's Mary Poppins?"

"sniff sniff in" "sniff sniff out" "sniff in, sniff out"

"sniff sniff in" "sniff sniff out" "sniff in, sniff out"

"sniff sniff in" "sniff sniff out" "sniff in, sniff out"

I felt as though I was staring in my own version of "Stomp"
If possible, I gladly would have eaten a bullet
 right then and there

TJ has this sinus problem that apparently makes him breath
in Tempo
And Callahan w/o knowing it lets out a little hum every 45 sec like clock work
I had one them on each side of me and you guessed it, Karrick (while on my lap)
asked every scene change "where's Mary Poppins"
"I want to go home"
"I'm never coming here again"

When TJ wasn't sniffing in and out in tempo
he did manage a snide
"I don't get it, it doesn't make sense, there's no plot"

"It's  Mary F-ing Poppins"
 What don't you get?
Holy Crap are you frigging kidding me?
Have I failed as a parent?
My kids don't get Disney?
3 min into  supercalafragilistic...expiealadoscious
 and 5 min before intermission
I packed it in
I took the sniffer, the hummer and the whiner and went home

I giggled the whole way home, cause this shit only
happens to me

I honestly had a good time with my boys

Mar 24, 2009

When a House is a Home

As I brought the garbage cans to the curb this morning
making sure to dodge all the crap that adorns my
driveway, it hit me. We are "that house"
Instead of being mortified, I wear my badge of disarray
with honor. I stood and just took in the sight.
I have a house full of boys, my 3 and always
extras. Kids are always coming and going until the sun goes down
My property is littered with scooters, rip sticks, basketballs and footballs.
Hot wheels, that have gravitated to the neighbors lawn. Ready to choke any lawn mower that gets in their way.
My garage is always home to foreign bikes, left long after kids get picked up due to darkness
Chalk pieces that have been discarded after the 4 square
has been drawn
All items lay there frozen in time, waiting for the sounds of kids
being kids
I enjoy my kids friends, nice kids from nice families.
I like knowing where my kids are
I also get a lot of information about what's going on in the
 middle and elementary schools

I love being "that house" 

Not the biggest or fanciest, just
a home that my kids are proud to share with their friends

Mar 21, 2009

Pit...A Dream Come True

Karrick has been dying for his own hamster
since The Brothers got hamsters a year ago. We took Karrick's pitcher
of change and headed to the jewel, then
off to Petsmart to find Pit
Pit is the Angel from Super Smash Bros, he is Karrick's
latest hero and his world revolves around him
At least it's an Angel

$131 smackers
We bought a female hamster (other 2 are female)
that was an interesting conversation to have with a 4 yo on why it had 
to be a girl
We also bought another habitat as Pit has to remain alone for 3 days
We will then slowly introduce her to Chubbles and Lenny

Karrick just loves his new hamster Pit  and even ate his dinner on the floor while watching 

If they all get along we can connect the habitats 
Karrick's shirt totally blends in with TJ's rug

Mar 18, 2009

I can't help myself...

As everyone knows, this is my favorite time of year.


I pretty much live for baseball
We start now and will go straight thru Oct
TJ plays on 2 teams, in-house and travel

Today TJ had his first practice with his current White Sox team.
Tj and 5 other players from his AAA White Sox team of 12,
moved up to Majors this year. There are 4 other new players to this team
Only 10 players which leaves no room for injury
Our line up looks fierce on paper
only time will tell if that will transfer to the field

Tj's not one to waste time while waiting for his ride
I don't think anyone has longer legs then TJ
well, besides me


Is it Mother Nature or Saint Patrick
we have to thank for such a beautiful day?
Either way, it was meant to be enjoyed outside.
Karrick and I rode all over town and ended up at the park

Seasons first treasure

Little windy

Mar 16, 2009

Cal has enter the world of double digits...10


Callahan Patrick McGinty arrived 10 years ago today
He came into this world screaming and 
continued to scream for the first year of his
If you look up Colic in the dictionary they have a picture of Cal
Once he worked through his Colic, ear infections, dairy intolerance etc.
He became the most easy going independent little boy. He could sit for hours 
by age 2 and build very detailed cars and structures with Lego's
Not the Duplo or Mega bloks, teeny tiny little Lego's
Cal has a very advanced sense of humor, that at times
gets him in some hot water.
Teachers have told me they need to watch
 their puns
because he is the only kid in class that gets them (by the smirk on his face)

Homemade brownies, trick candles, Irish coins...

Tj just couldn't contain himself. He gave Cal
a pile of paper

Yesterday Grandma took Cal to lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise
then shopping

10 years old! Double digits
Not a little guy anymore

Seems like yesterday he was graduating from the Academy

Mar 15, 2009

Sports, sports and more sports

This weekend closed the basketball season. Both my boys had a very positive
experience with their coaches, team mates and over all personal
Thank You Kevin Chriskie for donating your time
to coach the 3/4th and 7/8th grade teams

TJ and I had just enough time to celebrate with the team at Dairy Queen
before running off to the opening of baseball season with
a 2 hour practice

A Lovely Weekend

Saturday after Callahan's final basketball game we decided to
spend the day and night at the Holiday Inn in Oak Brook.
If I didn't know better, I would on thought I was at the Drake
It was beautiful
Mahogany and marble throughout and mahogany shelved Sitting room's off the lobby
At the good ole Holiday Inn price
We went shopping, swimming, watched movies and 
even had breakfast for dinner at Denny's

He may have the mind of Mensa, but he eats ice cream like any other normal 9 year old

Friday Night
I watched Jillian Chriskie Friday night while all the Mcginty and Chriskie
boys were at basketball
I love the fact that:
TJ and Jake
Cal and Josh 
Karrick and Jillian
are all the same ages

At one point Karrick and Jillian were playing and
as Karrick gazed at Jillian he says

"I really love your shirt, it's so pretty"

"Do you think it's soft?" asks Jillian

still gazing, karrick caresses Jillian's shirt while

"Oh, yeeees it's sooooo soooooft"