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Sep 30, 2012

A beautiful Weekend

Another perfect McGinty Weekend. Friday night was mellow, the whole family plus Alexis went out for pizza. We went to Sals Pizza which was so good. It was a bar so it was loud and the token drunk dropped f-bombs non-stop. We really had a good time and food was really good. We feed 2 adults, 3 teenagers and Karrick for $53...Yep $53. We got 4 appetizers, a 18 in pizza and unlimited cokes. We will definitely go back, buck probably not on a Friday night
Saturday, Tim, myself, Callahan Karrick and Katie went to Sunny Acres. It was warm and sunny with a lot of Fall colors. Cal and Katie are too cute together and were great sports about letting me photograph them
Later that night Cal had a few friends for a bonfire. I immediately fell asleep after the farm. I have been running all week!
We are hitting crunch time for the 100th year of the Lombard Fire Dept. I shot the Engine that will go on all cups, mugs, t-shirts etc. Now working on 100 year Celebration book with with an administrator from the Village. There will be an entire year of activities starting Jan 3, 2013.

Sep 26, 2012

first fall photo shoot

Had a hard time not putting hundreds of images up, they are so dang cute....love all the Fall colors.
Absolutely an adorable family!

48 years old....Holy Cow!

I was up early Sunday morning and took a walk to the lake...the stream was breathtaking 

This weekend I turned 48....still can't wrap my arms around that. Besides the nagging arthritis (yep, 48 talks about arthritis) I have in my neck, lumbar spine, hips, right elbow and left shoulder I feel great!! 
Tim surprised me with a weekend in Lake Geneva for the 2 of us. The weather was incredible. Friday night we stayed at The Lazy cloud B n B and Saturday night we stayed at the Abbey.. Lots of shopping, eating and walking around...Gay men have nothing on my Tim in the shopping dept.
I love that we can leave the 3 boys and just go

You really need to be there to appreciate the quaintness of it all; right down to the caramel apple pie baked in a bag waiting for you on the table. We stayed here a couple years ago for our anniversary. Each suite is different. 
There is an entire history to this place JD Salinger wrote The Catcher in the Rye here, it was a polo club with "rooms" and one of the Schiltz brothers lived there.

I love my new color changing barrettes , my new fall color is plum.

Sep 20, 2012

moon and a whole lotta pageviews

I took this picture tonight, if you click on image you can see the stars. The stars were not visible to the naked eye, but when I got home and zoomed in there are tons. Can't believe my camera was able to capture that


It is homecoming time and so many people Google homecoming ideas and I guess my blog comes up. The box above is for 1 week

Sep 16, 2012

A happy little boy

Karrick came running out of school Friday yelling "TJ, TJ I had the greatest day ever!" (TJ picked him up from school as I was running late)
Every Friday is a dance party in his class and the teacher pulls 4 Gotcha's out of the bowl ( good behavior slips). Karrick's name was pulled so he got to pick a prize from the treasure chest.
I received the above letter almost a month ago saying Karrick would be pulled out for math with the gifted teacher. He was last year too, so no surprise there. Well turns out Karrick found out he would be joining 4th grade math on Fridays...he is a 3rd grader. That about put him on the moon!
3rd grade math everyday, Gifted math on Monday's and 4 th grade math on Friday's is like winning the freakin lottery for that kid. The little boy that struggled in Kindergarten/ 1st grade is a mathematical and Physics genius . He plays Physics games on Tim's phone and can kick any adults ass 
Funny how his brain works...he is very literal, his world is black and white. He doesn't really get sarcasm.  A complete rule Nazi. He will only do homework at 7pm....not 6:57 but 7pm. Don't tell him to get ready for bed at 8:27 because bedtime is 8:30...those 3 min matter and isn't a joke

skiing anyone?

Callahan officially has the biggest feet in the house. Mens size 12 at age 13....which means he'll probably be 8 feet tall

What's the saying about big feet?

Oh yeah,

big feet, big brain

Thought I was goin there?
 Sicko's he's my child and only 13 ......PIGS!

Sep 15, 2012

big league

My child never looked so young and short to me as he did last night. He was at a casting with the big dogs. The adult models! I was in a room full of freakin hotties straight out of GQ. I only spoke to 3 of them and they were all 22-24 yo and  6'1- 6'2. Then the room filled up with guys and way too skinny girls. TJ was the only teen and 16 at that. Some were mentioning to TJ how lucky he is to be there at that age, as a couple 20 somethings have only been represented less than a year. My heart was pounding I was so nervous for him. He strutted the catwalk and nailed his pivot.
The kid has been on fire the last 2 weeks

but as they say

 "This too shall pass, so enjoy it "

Sep 12, 2012


 When life seems a little crazy and Im feeling overwhelmed I like to hope on my bike and ride to the park. I have been watching my Blue Heron that lives at the park for years. This year he seems really big and tired, but still beautiful. I was stalking him. I would get a couple shots and he would fly across the lake which then I would ride to the other side and repeat the process.. This went on for a good hour. His wing flapping sounded like a tarp in the wind
In addition I saw turtles, ducks , geese and many birds. 
I love the beauty and peacefulness the Western Suburbs provide. 

picture below is to show size

Sep 8, 2012

he who gives up doesn't succeed

I am so proud of TJ!
If you don't have thick sin, don't bother. What an incredible week for my TJ. No matter how things play out in the next couple days, a page has turned