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Sep 25, 2011

Homecoming proposal from the worlds best boyfriend


I had no idea that one needed to be creative when asking someone to the Homecoming dance . TJ mentioned it to me on Thursday and I asked one of my bosses Friday if she heard of this custom. Yes, they do it at Deerfield HS too. I thought it was reserved just for Prom, but I guess times have changed
 There were many proposals during the varsity football game Friday night.
 I talked to my girlfriend for some ideas at baseball today as Willowbrook's homecoming was last night. 
After TJ's double header we headed out to shop

TJ picked out the flowers, card and balloons, it was just the sweetest thing ever!
While he jumped in the shower I made the sign and got Karrick dressed in his 
"stud suit"
We drove over to Alexis' house and parked around the corner. TJ with his card and vase of flowers hid on one side of her house. I was on the other side camera ready. Karrick was at the bottom of the front porch steps holding the sign. Tj texted Alexis and told her to come outside. All she saw was Karrick holding the sign and a balloon bouquet . TJ would appear when she screamed (all HS girls scream) and she didn't fail us.

 Karrick was just thrilled to be "in" on the proposal and I'm seriously thinking of renting him out for next year

 Karrick getting a hug was like winning the lottery

 Look at the card in TJ's hand. TJ sent Alexis' mom a message on facebook letting her in on the surprise as we didn't have her cell #. She was armed with her camera from inside.
As I was snapping pictures the tears were flowing. To see my boy doing something so romantic filled my heart with joy. TJ is so comfortable and open with his emotions that it created such "a moment" that neither of them will ever forget

 they are seriously the cutest couple ever, 9 months strong. I get choked up looking at the pictures. I am proud that my son is a hopeless romantic and loves doing sweet things for his girlfriend 

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Mel said...

Mary this is just adorable!!! I think they make a darling couple. What a great memory for all of you...especially the stud in the suit!