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Sep 21, 2011

A lesson learned (unpublished from August)

Every morning before school, TJ fills a giant cup with chocolate milk and take a few sips before dashing out the door to catch the bus. Today I had enough, I stopped him and made him chug the remaining  10 oz before he left. How many times does a mother have to say "only pour what you can finish?" Portion control right? Tj chugged it and ran only to return 3 minutes later with that look that says "I missed the bus"

I jump in the van with him and head down Main st, about 6 blocks into our drive TJ announces "I feel like I'm gonna puke" and proceeds to dry heave. Somehow that stuck me as really funny and I start yelling/laughing "stck your head out the window"
                 We were stopped at St Charles and Main St where the early morning commuters are walking to the train...right next to us!
TJ starts barfing out of the passenger door window, now I'm almost hysterical ...laughing as I watch the looks of horror on peoples faces as they pass. I'm sure they thought I was a horrible mother as I am still shrieking with laughter....almost peed in my pants. YEP!
When TJ was done he felt better, plopped some gum in his mouth and off we went to school

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