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Sep 10, 2011

from Gap model, to Hell, then saved by Abercrombie

Well, we went in for our Gap model cut for TJ,  picture in hand

 Actually 4 pictures of different angles from the Gap website. OMG, the stylist got a little over zealous and cut TJ's bangs way too short and chopped the rest. TJ held it together until we got home, then the anger set in. With a shoot in 4 days where the photographer is flying in for the day, TJ was pissed! (i can't even post a photo)

I asked him to let me have ago at it. TJ was blessed with a beautiful colic where his bangs grow straight up, so I played on that and Bingo, a clothed Abercrombie

I'm pretty confident TJ's new comp cards will be great and once his hair grow out a little bit, we will be back to the Gap model...oh and this is the 2nd time his stylist messed up so we are on the hunt for someone new
Just a side note, Callahan's hair turned out fabulous from the same girl...so cute!

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