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Sep 30, 2011

Ace is the place...

Callahan thought it was a good idea to put a padlock on Buttercups neck....last week!
Had he thought it through, he may have asked himself

 "I wonder if anyone knows the combination to this random lock I found"

The answer of course would have been...NO!

To send it into the company would of taken 4-6 weeks. I know Buttercup is a stuffed animal, but every time I saw him my throat closed up just a little.
Tuesday was 'Roundheads" appreciation day. Where all football families were to go eat at Roundheads (the restaurant that donates pasta, salad and bread for all the Soph, junior and Senior football player home games). When we picked TJ up from pracitce I walked in...through the muddy smelly players and the lovely Coach E (freshman football/baseball coach) saw me with karrick and Buttercup and tried to help. He went looking for the maintenance worker with 'the lock cutter" 

No luck, so buttercup and his compromised neck joined us at Roundheads.

Yesterday I went to our neighborhood Ace hardware store  Schroeder's Ace
where they quickly put there best guy on it and Wahlah!


Older brothers...

Sep 29, 2011

sometimes the timing just sucks!

I was approached by someone to possibly shoot a wedding...YES, a wedding. A nice small second wedding for a couple at the Morton Arboretum. What a great way to start my business!!!! I was so excited until we got to the date, I have another wedding that exact night...Arrggh!

Tim and I will be in New Orleans at a black tie wedding for a dear friend  held at the New Orleans Board of Trade

I am honored to be considered and maybe my business will just start itself

Keep them coming people!!!!!

Sep 28, 2011


Sep 25, 2011

Homecoming proposal from the worlds best boyfriend


I had no idea that one needed to be creative when asking someone to the Homecoming dance . TJ mentioned it to me on Thursday and I asked one of my bosses Friday if she heard of this custom. Yes, they do it at Deerfield HS too. I thought it was reserved just for Prom, but I guess times have changed
 There were many proposals during the varsity football game Friday night.
 I talked to my girlfriend for some ideas at baseball today as Willowbrook's homecoming was last night. 
After TJ's double header we headed out to shop

TJ picked out the flowers, card and balloons, it was just the sweetest thing ever!
While he jumped in the shower I made the sign and got Karrick dressed in his 
"stud suit"
We drove over to Alexis' house and parked around the corner. TJ with his card and vase of flowers hid on one side of her house. I was on the other side camera ready. Karrick was at the bottom of the front porch steps holding the sign. Tj texted Alexis and told her to come outside. All she saw was Karrick holding the sign and a balloon bouquet . TJ would appear when she screamed (all HS girls scream) and she didn't fail us.

 Karrick was just thrilled to be "in" on the proposal and I'm seriously thinking of renting him out for next year

 Karrick getting a hug was like winning the lottery

 Look at the card in TJ's hand. TJ sent Alexis' mom a message on facebook letting her in on the surprise as we didn't have her cell #. She was armed with her camera from inside.
As I was snapping pictures the tears were flowing. To see my boy doing something so romantic filled my heart with joy. TJ is so comfortable and open with his emotions that it created such "a moment" that neither of them will ever forget

 they are seriously the cutest couple ever, 9 months strong. I get choked up looking at the pictures. I am proud that my son is a hopeless romantic and loves doing sweet things for his girlfriend 

Sep 24, 2011

My new toy

I got the most amazing camera equipment for my birthday, my favorite being the new

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro Lens    that just came out

Holy cow it is freakin amazing! I haven't had time to watch the CD to figure out all the features and settings, but I'm sure these pictures will be the worst I ever take which is pretty good. It is hard to keep my hands steady that close up, but I also got a new tri-pod which is just a pole so a "uni-pod?" It's hard on the the side lines to use the tri-pod...the shot is gone by the time you get the legs set
Some other camera add-ons made for one spectacular present
Thank you so much honey!!!!!

a great day off

Wednesday I had the day off, so I picked Karrick up for lunch.... McDonald's in the park!
The weather was perfect and I got to spend some 1 on 1 time with my little boy
After I dropped Karrick back at school I decided to hit another park right by our house to snap some nature shots. Lombard is known for it's amazing parks filled with vegetation and wildlife 

That red bug is super creepy...have no idea what it is, but just check out those dangling legs...Yikes!

 Just a couple hours in the park can change a stressed out mom...what a gift

Sep 21, 2011

A lesson learned (unpublished from August)

Every morning before school, TJ fills a giant cup with chocolate milk and take a few sips before dashing out the door to catch the bus. Today I had enough, I stopped him and made him chug the remaining  10 oz before he left. How many times does a mother have to say "only pour what you can finish?" Portion control right? Tj chugged it and ran only to return 3 minutes later with that look that says "I missed the bus"

I jump in the van with him and head down Main st, about 6 blocks into our drive TJ announces "I feel like I'm gonna puke" and proceeds to dry heave. Somehow that stuck me as really funny and I start yelling/laughing "stck your head out the window"
                 We were stopped at St Charles and Main St where the early morning commuters are walking to the train...right next to us!
TJ starts barfing out of the passenger door window, now I'm almost hysterical ...laughing as I watch the looks of horror on peoples faces as they pass. I'm sure they thought I was a horrible mother as I am still shrieking with laughter....almost peed in my pants. YEP!
When TJ was done he felt better, plopped some gum in his mouth and off we went to school

Sep 19, 2011

1 more

Sep 18, 2011

a sneak peak

Frank, the stylist for the shoot made TJ's hair debacle a success 

TJ had his photo shoot for new comp cards this past Wednesday. These are just 2 of the proofs we were sent. I think they are freakin incredible and somewhat hard to look at. My baby is no longer the cutesy kid model. Old rules are gone and a whole new set are in place
Socko was amazing!
While he was super harsh (in a polite honest way) about my wardrobe selection. I was suppose to email him my wardrobe selection (completely missed that). Had I done as I was suppose to, TJ would be looking much more like a Ralph Lauren model (clothes wise). I probably should have tried on this coat...way too big...ah a lesson learned. No matter how he is dressed one cannot deny that face and bone structure.
Socko gave TJ such an education in regards to the adult modeling world, which is priceless! 
I have a phone conference tomorrow with Socko's office to get our final product rolling.

As I was going through the film, all I could think of was the Brooke shields ad
 "Nothing comes between me and my Calvin's"  
ok, she was 14 and partially exposed, TJ is fully clothed and 1 month into age 15.
I guess what I'm trying to say is , my boy looks so grown up
I am super excited to see the final card.
 TJ is just thrilled and wants to pursue his modeling career full force
"Mom, i'm not going anywhere in football, but i think I can go far modeling"

Where there's a will, there's a way

We went on location on some random street downtown, TJ changed clothes right on the sidewalk without blinking, pants, shirt and all

Sep 15, 2011


Tonight was Pleasant Lane's annual roller skating party. As the official yearbook photographer I was on duty. I got some incredible shots and think this years book will be spiced up a little. I also love that we put out a full yearbook for grades K-5...great for all my boys to be able to look back at every year.

 Lombard roller rink is surrounded by large windows which make for wonderful reflections. Of course I didn't post my actual shots that will  be featured in the yearbook

Sep 13, 2011

and he runs and he runs and he runs

 Karrick's favorite pastime is running, always running. Maybe that will be his sport. Lord knows he has those long legs
Below is Karrick running down our fog filled block. Actually smoke from the fire in Minnesota made for a cool shot

Sep 11, 2011


My sweet Callahan that is pushing 5' 7 and his super cute haircut

Sep 10, 2011

from Gap model, to Hell, then saved by Abercrombie

Well, we went in for our Gap model cut for TJ,  picture in hand

 Actually 4 pictures of different angles from the Gap website. OMG, the stylist got a little over zealous and cut TJ's bangs way too short and chopped the rest. TJ held it together until we got home, then the anger set in. With a shoot in 4 days where the photographer is flying in for the day, TJ was pissed! (i can't even post a photo)

I asked him to let me have ago at it. TJ was blessed with a beautiful colic where his bangs grow straight up, so I played on that and Bingo, a clothed Abercrombie

I'm pretty confident TJ's new comp cards will be great and once his hair grow out a little bit, we will be back to the Gap model...oh and this is the 2nd time his stylist messed up so we are on the hunt for someone new
Just a side note, Callahan's hair turned out fabulous from the same girl...so cute!

Sep 9, 2011

New hair fior TJ

I got an OK from TJ's agent to get his hair cut like Mr Gap model above!
I'm so done with the Justin Bieber look, but we had to keep it (it's all about me...right?)
I emailed this picture to him(agent) and he replied
I think this would be perfect for TJ's hair!  I've CCed Socko."

So the only one that doesn't know yet is...TJ
I am very excited for TJ to get new comp cards on Wednesday
Who needs a girl to dress up when you have gap models and TJ?