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Sep 1, 2011

a few shots of TJ

TJ is shooting with SOCKO week after next for new comp cards. Dan (his agent) suggested we try a different photographer just to mix it up a little. We shot with Socko when TJ and Cal were 7 and 4 and figured why not. Dan wanted a snapshot of TJ taken today emailed to him today to see how we want to market him. I suggested a little edgier look as TJ isn't your normal 15 yo. I also suggested maybe a short haircut. We will see what he comes back with as I don't really know how much my input matters...probably not much at all
After school and a 2 1/2 hr football practice in the 100 degree heat. TJ jumped in the shower then out on the deck for a 10 min mini mommy shoot while his hot dogs roasted on the grill

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