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Jun 30, 2014

Such a Fun fun week!

TJ has a new hair style. Just when you thought he couldn't be any more good looking. Love the short cut. Im really over the longer hair. TJ had 2 auditions, one independent movie and 1 independent TV series. Both called for 18 and over. He was offered a smaller featured extra part in the movie (they called him to audition for the lead, a nerd but said he looked too cool) which we declined because it was a SAG project and 1 more SAG and he will be required to join the union at 3K. If he has to join SAG it has to be a worth it role financially. The TV series he is still waiting to hear. It's a gritty underworld crime series and Im not sure he is old enough. Still have hope...it's also a non-union role, so anything they would offer would be great!

I received a call today from TJ's agent, after 5 years they want him to be exclusive, so we will honor that. My guess is he is turning 18 and an entire new world of opportunity will open up for him. The magical age where you are an adult on the set, in addition to getting a lot of attention in the acting world and lets be honest he is freaking beautiful. They are his Mother Agency and signed him on 1st 5 years ago. He is with 2 other agencies but we will opt out

This past week was just a ton of fun. It totally felt like summer to me. Having a 5 day weekend helped. 
Karrick's best friend Ryan moved to Arizona 2 years ago and comes back to visit every year. Karrick could barely control his excitement. Ryan stays with us for 2 days and they pick up right where they left off. 
Karrick had a dress rehearsal for his Dance recital and Ryan came to watch and was able to see Karrick hip hop!

Karrick also had pictures for tech classes-recital. (non competition routines)
I took a bunch after out in the parking lot. Karrick is so happy when he is dancing. 
This summer for intensive he starts new classes: break dancing, funk tap and contemporary in addition to hip hop , turns and tumbling  

 Saturday was recital...I didn't take any pictures.
Sunday Karrick and I went with a dance mom and dance friends to the Lyric Opera to see
It was fantastic! It is great for Karrick to see men (break) dancers. It's great to see the result of hard work and what you can achieve if you take the turns, contemporary and tumbling classes etc. I keep telling karrick "look at the big picture". He isn't a fan of tumbling because he totally lacks upper body strength.
In time I tell him

Fun fun week!
We leave for the Nationals Sat, just Karrick and I. We are heading to the Jersey Shore with his team for 9 days

My little man is looking pretty cute!

Jun 22, 2014

Two blissful years

Callahan and Katie are celebrating their 2 year anniversary today.
Hard to believe they have been together since the age of 13

To celebrate they are having dinner at Wildfire in Oak Brook, then seeing a movie. They even have their own chauffeur . No, TJ isnt joining them for dinner or the movie

Jun 17, 2014

My teens

Last week TJ finally got his license!
It's so nice to have another driver in the house. 

Callahan started drivers ed yesterday so next free day we will get his permit!!

Callahan has actually been driving stick since age 12.

He and his friends come home with all sorts of garbage. A broken weed whacker, and now we are up to 3 broken battery operated kid cars.

The jeep above, Cal fixed the wires and attached an old BMW battery and now it works. He is fixing the weed whacker motor and will attached it to a big buster battery operated Escalade.

He has already fixed a gas street bike and then bought it off his friend.

I more often then not have a driveway full of Cals best buddies all tinkering around with engines etc

I was told by an educator from IMSA that most of the worlds greatest innovators started out as tinkerers. At Cals rate....

so far this isn't anything the boy can not fix. That skill will carry him through life in any field he chooses

Jun 3, 2014

winding down

 TJ had his last day of high school April 28th. He officially graduates June 7th
It is the strangest feeling that your son is done with school...done done. This last week he and his buddies have been bike riding, playing basketball, going out to eat and late nights hanging out wherever.
Two and a half months of freedom...to just chill and revel in the summer that is after high school before college. I can't even believe College is here. It's so exciting to hear where everyone is going. I ask all  his friends when they come over.
St Ambrose, U of I, Columbia, Western and Univ of CO, Boulder are where his close buds are going
TJ is set for NIU, aced his Math and Chemistry placements tests.  Can go straight to second semester sophomore levels for both. Still waiting on English results.
Im so excited for TJ to just enjoy the summer and work of course.

 Sunday TJ filmed the final scenes for "Family Values" We used a private to home to shoot in. The homeowner the sweetest lady ever at 94 yo, sat me down in her living room and told me all about her son that lives in LA. She spoke as though we had been friends forever. It was lovely, just lovely. She shared so much of her knowledge of the business with me.
It's surreal that all this is happening If it goes no further I w'll still feel honored to have been a part of it all. What a ride....fun and exciting. Have met some amazing people along the way. I am beyond thrilled for TJ. He is so not affected and nonchalant about it all. Might as well be going to McDonalds to flip burgers. He did say "Mom, she told me I was just beautiful" all shy like he's never heard it before. It was cute

Oh, her son? I'm sorry
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