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Jun 17, 2014

My teens

Last week TJ finally got his license!
It's so nice to have another driver in the house. 

Callahan started drivers ed yesterday so next free day we will get his permit!!

Callahan has actually been driving stick since age 12.

He and his friends come home with all sorts of garbage. A broken weed whacker, and now we are up to 3 broken battery operated kid cars.

The jeep above, Cal fixed the wires and attached an old BMW battery and now it works. He is fixing the weed whacker motor and will attached it to a big buster battery operated Escalade.

He has already fixed a gas street bike and then bought it off his friend.

I more often then not have a driveway full of Cals best buddies all tinkering around with engines etc

I was told by an educator from IMSA that most of the worlds greatest innovators started out as tinkerers. At Cals rate....

so far this isn't anything the boy can not fix. That skill will carry him through life in any field he chooses

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