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Dec 29, 2008

My Night Out

My beach (Foster) the year I was born 1964

Tonight I headed downtown for the annual Lifeguard Christmas Party held at Holidays bar and grill on Randolph. I got to see some people that I haven't seen in years. I also received many compliments on my children's behavior from our Florida lifeguard trip. They were polite, well behaved and very engaging. It's always nice to hear. It seems like yesterday that I was that 15 year old...oops 16 yo girl guarding the lake front. Holy smokes did we have fun. Always tone and tan, smelling like Coppertone. After hour beach parties packed with lifeguards and Chicago finest. Good memories. Good people. Good fun

Two thumbs up, one thumb down

This weekend we saw 2 distinctly different movies. "Marley and Me" and "Gran Torino". I really enjoyed them both. I laughed and I cried during "Marley and Me". Thumbs up from Me, TJ and Cal (Tim and Karrick stayed home) While "Gran Torino" was a little darker and had a whole lot of racial slurs. Not for everyone, but I enjoyed it. Thumbs up from me, Tim ,TJ and Cal (for obvious reason Karrick didn't tune in)

Tim and I have been going to Lom Ling in Lombard every Saturday for a while now. The boys do not eat Chinese food so it is a perfect getaway for us. We couldn't make it until Sunday this week and when we arrived it was closed. After watching Gran Torino I was dying for Asian food so we set out for a replacement. Now I love everything about Lombard, but it does lack in the restaurant department. I am not a fancy food person...wish I was, but I'm not. My pulse began to race, my skin to perspire and dizziness was setting in. Low blood sugar...must eat and eat now. We decide to pull in to Mr. Wonton. Everything about it looked wrong from the strip mall location to the plastic decor from Hell

Tim asked for some hard noodles and this is what he was served. Oh no, Tim didn't eat any prior to this picture. I know the economy has gone in the shitter, but...

10 bucks to anyone that can name Tim's dish. If you said Cabbage salad you are wrong. It was Chicken Chop Suey. Not a bean sprout for miles. It was a pile of soggy cabbage with some shredded chicken. My dish was inedible, I did eat the Crab Rangoon appetizer because the fear of fainting on the floor was too much.
Big, big thumbs down

Dec 28, 2008

Oh No, not again

As I was getting ready for my weekly Saturday morning massage I look out the window. Horror greeted me, I see the sewer bubbling up. The only other time I saw this was Sept. 13th when we ended up with 2 feet of raw sewage in our basement for 2 days. With melting snow and rain predicted I immediately woke Tim. We cleared the basement and laundry room in record time. My Tim looked at me and said "I can't do this again". We just finished gutting and rebuilding our family room. The laundry room was a work in progress. With potential disaster out of our control, I set out for my massage 1 1/2 hrs late. As I drove down main street my sick feeling worsened as I saw the retention pond at my kids school 3/4 the way full.

Around 5pm we were confident enough to put back the furniture...we escaped Mother Natures wrath. I made a simple dinner and let the boys eat downstairs while soaking up as much electronic stimulation as possible

I missed the Nutcracker last week due to a blizzard and while I was unsuccessful in exchanging my tickets for Sat nights performance; in the back of my mind I couldn't help but wonder if a giant sand storm was in my future had the Nutcracker been extended a week

Dec 25, 2008

Christmas at the Moran's

Every year for Christmas we head to Palos Heights to my dads house to celebrate with my many siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews. It is always a great time...a house full of Irishmen put the "Merry" in Merry Christmas. This year was made extra special for me because my Uncle Tom came in from Mill Valley California. He is my mom's youngest brother and my Godfather. The last time I saw him was 4 1/2 years ago at my mom's wake and funeral. He came in for his 47th year reunion of The Rainbow Beach Lifeguards of 1961. Yes, my uncle was a Chicago Park District Lifeguard on the beach. The guys he started out with as rookies were my boss' when I worked at the beach. Joe Pec is the former President of the USLA and current President of the Great Lakes Chapter. These are the people I travel with around the country to USLA meetings. Small world I say. My uncle is now a Doctor on the west coast.

Me and my Unc
No shortage of Moran's in this world

Yep, that's my dad

Check out Caspers new Doo! Love it!!!! I also loved the dreads

These two are inseparable and could pass for siblings. Karrick made that sweatshirt at school. Hand prints for antlers and his foot print for the head

Everyone comparing my Christmas cards fighting over who got the cuter one. They are hand made and each one is an original Mary McGinty design. They will be mailed out to everyone else soon.
I must say this year will go down as one of my favorite Christmas' . From each school show to every Christmas party right down to watching my kids sled all around town. Not to mention having a 4 yo puts a lot of magic back into the Holiday!

Out of the Mouths of Babes

After all the gifts were opened Karrick looks up at me with those big
brown eyes and cherub face and asks in a tender voice
"Is Santa still watching?"
"why?" I ask
"Because I want to be naughty"

Christmas Eve

We at the Mcginty house are very lucky to have all our family local. Christmas Eve is always celebrated at Grandma and Grandpa McGinty's in Long Grove. Everyone is assigned a task. TJ is completely in charge of the fire. Grandpa taught him the right way to light the fire and keep it glowing all night. Callahan was appointed Santa and Karrick Santa's helper. They must wear the hats and pass out gifts. A tall order for a 4 year old that is dying to rip open anything with his name on it.
TJ about died when he opened his new snow board, boots and binders. Giddy with excitement as he envisioned flying down the slopes of Keystone Colorado. I can't wait until we need to lug that thing on an airplane...not!
A wonderful night for the McGinty's as we caught up with family. Cousins reconnected, aunts and uncles marveled at how big everyone has gotten. We ate, laughed and just enjoyed each other.

Dec 21, 2008

A Day at Grandma's

With the freezing temps and blowing snow we decided to head over to grandmas in Long grove. No matter how cold it gets kids never seem to get cold. Me, I'm done with winter and technically it hasn't started yet. Even the 30 below wind chill couldn't stop the Mcginty boys from snow boarding and sledding down grandmas back hill.

TJ perfecting his moves in anticipation of our ski trip to Colorado

Callahan going down on knees and karrick at the bottom.
Always, always the caregiver

The coldest 300 yard walk of your life! You are so close to the roaring fire...yet so far

Dec 19, 2008

Just for One Minute...

Today we all had a snow day. A day to do anything or nothing at all. Just for 1 minute I wanted to be free, free from the crippling pain that I live with daily. Free from the stiffness that makes me move as though I am 15 years older than I am. I decided I was going to take that minute, take that minute no matter what the consequence may be

God help me in the morning. Julie may have to make a house call for my Saturday morning massage.

Dec 17, 2008

Project Expand

A program for Gifted and Talented Students, Project Expand provides students with a variety of experiences designed to enhance and stimulate creative thinking and extend academic abilities. Callahan has been in Project Expand since he was identified as being Gifted 3 years ago in the second grade. He is pulled out of class three times a week to attend this program. Cal is still required to make up all regular 4 th grade material and assignments on his own. Project expand consists of 4, 5 week blocks with each block focusing on a different unit of study

 Coming to America:  (U.S.Immigration/Assimilation & research of Cultural Heritage) was block 1.
The students started the block by making a pie graph of their nationality. The student that had the highest percentage was assigned that country. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out Callahan Patrick McGinty's nationality. You're right, Irish... 87.5 % to be exact. Callahan had to completely sell the country of Ireland to his group. He researched long and hard into the night for the past 5 weeks to learn all there is to know about the Irish Heritage and country. He carried his USB flash drive back and forth to school with enthusiasm . Cal he had to create a passport, fill out factual travel info including airlines, airport, departure time, arrival time taking into consideration time change. Figuring the cost by converting the dollar into the Euro. Cal chose to present his findings using PowerPoint. Never once did he ask or require any assistance. I have to force him through tears to do any regular homework. He hates it, it does not interest him and almost seems to offend him. I love the fact that Project Expand sparks his interest through creative thinking. Today the class ended block 1 with a feast with everyone bringing in a  food sample from his or her country.

Irish soda bread and corned beef

Er·in go bragh [ èrrin gō br ]. interjection. Definition: an expression meaning "Ireland forever".

Cals Cello Concert Monday Dec 15

It was the District 44, 4th grade beginning orchestra concert at Glenbard East High School. It was a pretty impressive concert considering they all just started playing 4 months ago. These 4th graders came together from the 6 elementary schools to perform

Backstage getting ready to perform. I had to add this picture of my future daughter in law. Cals little blond, blue eyed spitfire aka "one of the triplets" It is now year 3 of their "friendship" How cute that they play the Cello together. Cals best friend Ben is to his right, our left

Hodge Podge

Where does the time go? I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last blog entry. The weekend was great, I had a date with my husband Friday night for dinner at Lom Ling then a night of shopping together. Boy o boy are we old! I left the camera at home. So here are some pictures of our weekTJ's beautiful Christmas flower from the nursery last week. It just bloomed this morning...how pretty. There are to more buds ready to pop. TJ keeps it on his desk in his room. It's nice to know my 12 yo is secure with his masculinity.
Buttercup... I love buttercup but I think I am the only one who realizes that "Hello! he is stuffed" a note came home from karricks teacher saying Karrick received an A+ on the construction of a block house for Buttercup. On more than 1 occasion, parents that I don't know comment on Buttercup at pick-up time at St. Pius

On this cold cold day I drove by Lombard Commons just to sneak a peek at our new $9 million water park due to be open in June....think hot sunny day
Okay, even ugly friggin mutant plants need to be represented in the blog. Cals choice from the nursery. Frankly, I'm afraid of it

Dec 12, 2008

St. Pius Christmas

Tonight was Karrick's Christmas show at St Pius. His preschool class has been practicing long and hard. Karrick sang his songs to anyone that would listen. When the big night finally arrived Karrick was ready to burst, he was so excited. The children were required to wear their "Sunday best". Well, Karrick was about the cutest thing going in his big boy clothes. He just kept repeating "I am so cute"

A natural in front of the camera
Karrick was screaming "Mom, mommy I'm right here. Can you see me?"
Yes honey, everyone can see you and hear you
"Hey, TJ..."
While his class waited to go on, they hung out in the classroom. Karrick chased his classmates around pretending to shoot them with his tie. His teacher has the patience of a saint
Here is one of Karrick's songs. I apologize in advance for the shaky video. I was on the floor and I'm an old woman with bad knees