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Nov 24, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving was just wonderful. My brother Jim and sister-in-law Karen out did themselves hosting the entire family for a long weekend. Karen cooked tirelessly for everyone.
It was a giant pajama party with my family. Karen cooked a vegan and traditional meal which was just outstanding.

The beauty of the cabin never gets old...one is always in awe being there

million dollar view

Lots of time watching movies, hiking, board games, pool, video football, hot tub soaks and just sitting around talking. On Friday most of us hit the quaint town of South Haven for some shopping

The cousins

Nov 21, 2012


I am packing up the teenagers, the peanut and heading north to Michigan for 4 days. Tim has to work Wednesday and Friday so he will celebrate with his mom and brothers family.
My brother Jim is hosting Thanksgiving at his cabin near St Joseph's MI. My siblings and father will all be there. 
I am looking forward to just relaxing and hanging with my family. Lots of family bonding and outdoor activities will fill our days.

I am coming off a month plus world wind of movies, auditions, photo shoots, work and just the grind of have 3 boys.

Tim and I have so much to be thankful for: happy healthy kids, good solid jobs, a thriving new photography business. Great friends, family and a wonderful community. Endless future possibilities for our kids

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Nov 17, 2012

The eyes have it

 I shoot these stunning kids last Sunday under dark skies, crazy ass wind and no power. I was a little nervous because I didn't bring a tri-pod and the wind kept blowing my camera.
I still have 3/4 of the images to go through...I find them stunning and edgy.
These kids have the most amazing eyes, a cool mixture of browns, greens and yellows, so depending on the lighting you get different color each time...so cool! 

playing with texture

Nov 16, 2012

sneak peak...3 little bears