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Nov 8, 2012

A cold blooded killer?

TJ booked the lead in a movie which started filming today. Today was just TJ on the set with a lot of crew, so he got fussed and fawned over all day.
A special weapons expert came in to teach TJ how to shoot a crossbow. This guys is ex- military and works on a lot of Chicago sets. He has some cool stories.
Today's portion was filmed on a 33 acre archery club which was pretty cool. The members that were there today were adorable, a bunch of older retired men. They reminded me of my dad and his Elks Lodge....except for all the dead animals hanging all over. That was creepy, seems so wrong, but these men are from a different era.
The role called for an 18-20 year old to play 18...well my 16 year old booked it. His co-star is 21 playing 18. 
It was a cold damp day in the forest, but watching movies being made is so incredible.
  Tomorrow TJ's call time is 5am....5 am! Omg! They are filming a night scene in the wee hours of the morning. I will schlep him there, hang out for an hour or 4 then go to work. Filming is due to wrap around 5-6pm. Since it is full cast tomorrow there will be trailers, warming tents, Kraft service...the whole sha-bang this will continue all weekend and possibly Monday

 Does this sweet face look like it could possibly belong to a cold blooded killer?
I don't know....
They won't let him shave until filming is over.....that was a little tricky as he had an audition for a Chicago TV show yesterday. I wrote on the casting form about the stubble being for a movie role currently filming. The casting directors seemed rather intrigued 

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