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Nov 29, 2009

My favorite shots

TJ looks like an Angel

Steven Palm emailed me a few of TJ's good shots, 93 of them to be exact. Don't worry I didn't post all of them. A good model has many different looks which I think TJ nailed. For boys there is a little more challenge in mixing it up, because they don't wear make-up or drastically change hair styles. Some may wear make-up, but not my TJ

Love TJ's Olive eyes

this is a true to life TJ

Here's TJ's edgy look, maybe GQ in 4 or so years

TJ was so comfortable in front of the camera, he just moves. TJ wants to get more into the TV/film side of the business. He is too tall to model  for the kids division and needs to be around 5'11 to start in the teens/mens division.(they also like them to look a little more mature around 16/17)
At the rate he is growing 5' 8 1/2 at 13 yo and all legs...

Nothing like chopping down your own Christmas tree

The owner must have teenage boys. You don't know how happy I was to see this big sign at the front gate

Today we headed to Downers Grove to a Christmas tree farm. This is the first time we ever got to chop down our own tree. There was every kind of tree in every possible size. Poor Karrick was having a rough time of it. Too many late nights and not enough structure followed by tripping over a tree stump. To add insult to injury, he wanted a GIANT green tree. We wanted a blue spruce and a much smaller one at that.
We flipped a coin and unfortunately for karrick, it was tails....which led to more tears.

He didn't get his giant green tree, but he did get the Giant picture of the giant green tree. Sorry kid, cutting a hole in the ceiling is just not an option this year.

TJ, honestly will be the best dad in the world. I've said it before...the kid's middle name is empathy.
While I was all "stop crying and suck it up" TJ had a much gentler approach. Notice the eye level approach. TJ picked some wheat and gave it to Karrick with a  "here you go buddy, this is what you make bread out of"  That's all it took. It is times like these that I am thankful for having a teenager. Sometimes teenagers can be a little trying...Yeah, I said it

Not sure if it looks like cocoons or little pieces of poop hanging.
Either way, I vetoed this tree
Want to make your boys really happy? Give them a saw. TJ  really wanted to use an ax, but they had a sign

Our house smells incredible, nothing beats the smell of fresh pine. I NEVER had a real tree growing up. It was so against  my South side Irish Fireman's family law. I'm glad we went much smaller with the tree this year. Quick thinking on your part Tim, with the "We'll have much more room for Santa to leave more toys" We're all way to pooped to decorate. My kids have been home for 9 days straight and we packed a whole lot of family time in those days. Our District did Conferences on Monday and Tuesday, and a non attendance day on Wednesday, followed by Thanksgiving break

Nov 28, 2009

TJ- through the years

such a baby- TJ age 5
TJ is the king of "the pout"

Today we met up with an old friend Steven Palm.
 We met Steven 8 years ago when TJ
was first signed with FORD models at the tender age of 5.
 He shot TJ's very first photo session, EVER!. We were new and
knew nothing about the business. Steven immediately
 put TJ at ease while shooting away, up on his roof, in the
loop, in the dead of Winter. Since that cold winter day,
we have used Steven many times for head shots for
 both my boys (Cal and TJ)
and they got tons of work off these cards

TJ age 7

TJ age 11, I just love the pouty face.

We took a 2 year break from FORD, kids needed to
be kids again. Running downtown up to 4 times a week
can burn anyone out. TJ got braces which puts a halt on his
 book-a-bility. Now that TJ is older he wants to jump back
 in to the business. Steven is always our first choice.
 He spends his time in  LA hobnobbing with the stars,
 so he's not in Chicago as much and he doesn't shoot
 a lot of kids anymore. I appreciate that he will
still make time for the McGinty Boys. After playing phone tag
 for about a week, we finally touched base last night.
 He had just  flown in and booked  us for this morning.
(we won't get that service with anyone else)
 We have worked with so many other photographers
 in the past, but Steven is and has always been our favorite.
 He genuinely is a nice guy, very down to earth.
I believe he really loves shooting my kids   He took
TJ on location for over 2 hours. It was like 2 old
 buddies just shootin the shit. Since we met last TJ grew
 a good 8 1/2 inches and put on 40 lbs...he went from
little guy to... POW! a teenager.
I got to sit back and watch 2 pros do their stuff. I can't
wait to see the final product

Here are some of Cals old shots from Steven
age 7 and 5

Nov 26, 2009

Thankful for...

This year we headed out to Long Grove for Thanksgiving.
Everyone was kind of spread out this year. Tim,
myself and the boys, plus Tim's brother Brian ate dinner
with his parents. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day.

Driving there I began think about my life.
I am in a place where I am very happy and content. I am
thankful for Tim and that our relationship grows
 stronger every day.
We have created the most amazing family.
Our boys are happy, healthy and smart fun loving kids.
They are honestly, just nice boys.
We have a nice home, very little debt and fantastic jobs.
We surround ourselves with good people, I am so
thankful for all my friends new and old.
I can honestly say there is nothing more I want
Okay, well maybe I would like to be 10 lbs lighter
 and  sitting on a beach, but whatever...

Karrick is thankful for his grandma whom he loves dearly

We had a great time eating and just enjoying
each others company by the fire

I got to wear my lovely necklace that matches
my Smokey Topaz ring.

Lastly, I am thankful that I am off from work until
next Tuesday
(Love my job Rick, but sometimes a gal
just needs a few days :)..)
I am seriously looking forward to Christmas

Nov 24, 2009

Kindergarten conference

My big brown eyed baby is not so little anymore
I just love his doe eyes

All my boys have the entire week off, which is nice. Callahan
and Karrick's school have parent teacher conferences.
Karrick's conference went great. His teacher said he has
a knack for numbers, all my boys excel in math.
Karrick is very sensitive and follows directions to a tee.
He is working towards reading.
Karrick is a thinker, he doesn't just belt out any
answers...everything requires thought

It was also the book fair, Karrick out of all my boys
loves books the most (mommy at age 45 doesn't have
 the energy that she  had 10 years ago)
 It can only work in his favor.
Here is another picture of his turkey taken with my

I don't have the energy to go into Callahan's conference,
lets just thank God he has a high IQ

Nov 22, 2009

CHICAGO..my kind of town

We took one of our in-town mini vacations. I booked a room at the
Chicago Hilton on South Michigan Ave for one night.
Tim and I have lived in Chicago our entire lives. I was born
at The University of Chicago Lying-in Hospital over 45
years ago. I was born and bred on Chicago's
Southside. Tim, on the Northside. We do not
take this beautiful city for granted, even after all
these years. Downtown still takes my breath away
(even after living down there for 12 years)
We started at the Sears tower, some call it the
Willis Tower and did the ledge...way cool.

The Chicago Hilton is very elegant and rich in History,
built in 1927
view from our room...the windows still open

We did dinner, then went to Navy Pier to shop and ride the
ferris wheel and swings.

My cute boys at the top of the wheel...great weather

you can see the ferris wheel, buildings and swings lit up
 in the windows. After navy Pier we headed back
 to the hotel for swimming then room service.
About midnight we all got in bed and watched
 The Hangover.
It was so funny (Karrick fell immediately asleep)

After breakfast we walked through Grant Park to Milenium Park

These sculptures are new to me...never saw them before.
Love the iron flowers

and car part sculptures

The boys have never seen the bean. When we told them that we
are going to see the bean...guess what I got? You got it!
Cal : "did you know..."
Cal has a "did you know" about any and everything
We had many "did ya know" at the sears tower
Cal : "did you know that the bean is called Cloud Gate?"
Me: "No...why?"
Cal: The artist wanted to make a structure that made
things appear to be floating, it wasn't
suppose to be a bean and it weighs 110 tons"
Me: really?
Don't know how he knows this stuff, but he does...he is a
mystery boy at age 10

After grabbing lunch we headed over to state street. We wanted to hit
FAO Schwartz on Michigan Ave, but it's gone...bummer. Cal
really wanted to see it because in the movie Fred Claus, they
filmed a scene in the store and the entire backdrop was
giant Thomas The Tank Engine boxes with Cal's picture on it.
In the movie there were no less than 200 Cal's
staring at us...pretty cool.
By now my legs and butt muscles were starting to scream
we walked everywhere. Tim and the boys hopped on the
EL back to the Hilton to get our van. Karrick and I
went in Marshal Fields also called Macy's. It
put us right in the Christmas spirit. After a little shopping
Tim text me that he was out in front.We were all
ready to head home after one more stop
Tim and I partake of the Groupon often. We
have gotten excellent deals on Sailing trips, hotel room and
restaurants. I bought a Groupon a couple weeks ago. Spend
$50 and get a  $115 coupon to the Denim Lounge, before
I checked out the store....BIG MISTAKE
After I hit the buy button, I went on the website...gulp
It's located on 43 E Oak...bad sign, Jeans start at $165
These stores don't exist in my world, to add insult
to injury, they stop at a size 30 waist for women...Seriously?!
I am not by any stretch of the imagination fat, but 30?
Okay, I'll look at the mens jeans...I do have a boys figure
they start around $200 bucks. I thought maybe I could buy
something for the kids? or on sale?...crap
Tim dropped me off, I went in with a long face
to plead my case. The lady said they just got
some larger jeans in...I guess the Oak Street boutiques
version of "fatty jeans". I am just shy of 6 feet tall and wear
a 12 tall...come on...I'm the fat lady now?
I did find a very cute pair of jeans that fit and were only
$141, which for me; I still paid close to $80 for a  pair of
jeans...which is $50 more than Old Navy.

The moral of this story is Always read the fine print

We had a fabulous family mini vacation and did so much
together in 24 hours as a family. The kids got to enjoy
the city and start their 9 day off, Thanksgiving Break.
We spent a small fortune, but it was worth every dime
all 10,000 of them.
I never laughed so hard as I did this weekend. My Tim
has always been funny, but oh dear Lord....