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Jul 29, 2009

Midwest Nationals Day 1

The Thunder is participating in the
Midwest Nationals this week/weekend
in Lisle. Tonight the team was invited
to walk in the opening ceremonies at the
Flyer's game. Everyone had a blast
and I can only imagine the feelings running through
the boys as they walked the field. This is the boys
first elite tournament and they are excited.

In addition to multiple games there are many
activities scheduled for the boys.

Thunder plays their first game tomorrow at 9am
at Benedictine College
(which means practice at 7 am)

The parade to the field

Karrick had the time of his life...didn't know
minor league ball fields have parks

and jumping jacks

Jul 28, 2009

Happiness is...

A ten year old boy flying through the air

This was one busy weekend. 6 baseball games in Glen Ellyn,
swimming at grandma's, sleep over at grandma's for Tim, Cal and Karrick.
My friend Carol had a party and we had our furnace, Cental A/C
and water heater removed (piece by piece) and replaced

Happiness is...

dad watching his son hit another homerun

hanging with friends while watching our boys
kick the crap out of everyone they played

A brand new rocket park complete with spray park
built smack dab in the center of 8 baseball fields
in Glen Ellyn
(did someone read Thunder sibs?)

Jolie Grace spelling Karricks name with pretzels
(karricks favorite girl)

swimming in grandma's pool after a long day
of baseball

grandma seeing TJ make an amazing double play
from left field
(catching a hard line drive and whipping it to first base
perfectly to beat the runner that was trying to tag up on first
no one should of caught that ball)
For you non baseball fans...you don't throw
a ball from left field to 1st base, it's to far
Mom(me) missed the amazing play because she went to the washroom

TJ and team winning 1 st place trophies after
defeating 6 out of 6 teams!

going to bed Sunday night with new furnace, air and hot water.
More importantly waking up Monday freezing!

Jul 26, 2009

A day with dad at Fermilab

Tim took the day off from work to take Callahan to


a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory specializing in high-energy particle physics.

while it all escapes me, they had a great time

just father and son scientists bonding together

File:<span class=

Tevatron Ring in which protons speed around
at almost the speed of light then collide into each
other to create new theoretical fundamental
(as explained by Callahan)

(Higgs Boson)
is a massive scalar elementary particle predicted to exist
. At present there are no known fundamental scalar particles in nature.

File:<span class=

A model of the super magnet that the protons flow through
inside the super magnets

Jul 24, 2009

Playing in the mud

Cal went with his friend Josh to the annual mud bowl in Villa Park.
Trucks dump mounds of dirt that are sprayed with hoses
to create mud. Kids are then let loose to play all kinds of games
from 1-3pm. At 3 pm the lucky parents get to bring them home
Thanks Gayle, how does your truck look?

Jul 19, 2009

A weekend in lomabrd

Lombard hosted the "2009 Summer classic 12u Tournament"
It was a great weekend with lots of fun
Oak Park Eagles won, Congratulations!
TJ learned to play baseball in Oak Park
and it was wonderful to see
his old team, coaches and parents.

Lombard Thunder placed 3rd after a
devastating loss to the Lightening.
played a good tournament; batting in the 600's
with 1 home run

the orange pop boys

As the old saying goes
"It takes a village..."

I may have had a couple of kid mishaps...

Thank you Cindi M. for saving Karrick after you found him
in a tree crying his little eyes out because
he was stuck and mommy was focused on the game

Thank You Missy C and Lisa K for taking care of
Callahan when I left him behind at the field.
Missy, had you not called I would have figured it out
once I got home :)

Nice to know all you girls have my back!

Jul 18, 2009

Sibs having fun

When a child plays a sport that monopolizes
the families time what do the siblings do?
They band together and have fun!

TJ travel baseball team plays anywhere
from 5-8, 2 hour games a weekend (Fri-Mon)
Add in 1 hour of hitting practice prior to each game
at their home field, travel time, 1 hour warm up before
each game at the park hosting the tournament and
down time in between games at far away fields =
A lot of time spent at ball parks.
There is a whole group of siblings that are dragged from
tournament to tournament all summer long
The Thunder sibs are a great group of kids
that are often overlooked

They climb trees

they make forts out of equipment bags

They play games

freeze tag

We put them to work in the concession stand
(so us parents don't have to)

There is a whole group of kids between
the ages of 2-11 that have become quite
Thunder Sibs, You Rock!

Jul 17, 2009

Fun at the pool

The Thunder team had a day off from baseball
so they all headed to the pool

Karrick and a friend

Mom, I'm hungry...money pleaseeeeee

Jul 9, 2009

Thunder Sweeps Hickory Hills Tourney

The 12u Lombard Thunder wins the Hickory Hills
tournament by defeating Midway 12-2. We went 4-0 with 4 slaughters!
TJ received the MVP medal for game 3 after a
spectacular home run that went over 2 fences
Today TJ was in left field for 1 inning, he made this
catch that was unbelievable. He ran 20 ft towards
the left foul line arm outstretched jumps in the air
and catches this fly ball. Total major
league play

Tj and his grandpa (my dad)
Those Midway boys were big!

TJ's travel baseball team is off to a fabulous start
After 2 tournaments we are 8-1 with 7 slaughters
Tomorrow begins a new tournament in Oak Lawn

Jul 5, 2009

Just a little hit...

Just a hit gets you...

the MVP medal...

The women...

The respect of fans...

But best of all,
it gives you pride of a job well done.
TJ has been in a little hitting slump this last week,
but today he got up there with the look of determination.
WHACK, he hits the ball and it flew over not
1, but 2 fences and hit a pick up truck. The crowd went wild
Not only was it a home run it was a perfect hit.
We went on to slaughter Hickory Hills 14-0
and will play for the first place trophy on Wednesday.

Dinner as a team