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Aug 28, 2011

GE Rams

Glenbard East Sophomore's may have lost their 1st game (varsity and freshman won) but TJ looks adorable in his uniform and I got to stand next to the players and roam freely on the sidelines

The Varsity football field is surrounded by the track, then there is the fence that keeps the rest of the world out. I did feel a little special. My TJ is #39 this year and plays Wide Receiver. The Rams faced Willowbrook in a non-conference game. I love it because half of  our baseball friends go there (4 miles away in Villa Park) so it's friends playing friends

Ya, I'm 5 feet away from my TJ, I got to hang right on the field!!!!! I had to get out of the way a few times when players came flying through.
By the end of the 2 hr game my back was in knots with spasms in my left shoulder blade...shooting pains every time I breathed in. I still loved every bit of my time on the field. 
The Varsity put on a spectacular pre-game show, then I had to go home and lay down.
We hired a new Athletic director last year, he hired a new Varsity football coach and baseball coach . The program had a 20 year losing streak and big plans are in the works to turn the L's into W's.
The Freshman and Varsity teams won...crushed Willowbrook. I don't know what is with TJ's  graduating year, but we have small numbers on all our sporting teams. Our guys are just too small in numbers. Hopefully our new coaches and director can spark some enthusiasm so more kids to come out and play

Aug 26, 2011

Shooting the GEHS football game

 So while standing on the field shooting the sophomore football game a beautiful little girl came to see her daddy (sports trainer) Well, I couldn't resist and I must admit the photos turned out stunning....just stunning
I am absolutely in awe

Aug 25, 2011

Baby Judson

My girlfriends almost 4 month old baby at drop off this morning. It was just too easy

Aug 23, 2011

That time of year

 My little man started the 2nd grade today. I went with him as it was only 1hr to say hello and drop off school supplies. I also had to capture the "back to school shots" for the yearbook. Callahan also had 1 hr of class today...7th grade, holy Cow!
TJ starts Sophomore year tomorrow and all 3 boys have a full day
I am so excited for Karrick this year, he is a new child after having his tonsils and adenoids out last April 6th.  Since then he has added 7lbs to his frame and 2 inches to his height....2 inches in 4 months. He grew so fast that he had hip and leg pain. His voice is slightly deeper and he is full of spunk.
 3 out of his 4 close buddies are in his class and the class bully (future inmate and sociopath) is in the other class. I was 99% sure he would be as I barged into the principals office on more than 1 occasion about him hurting Karrick. Karrick's full of piss and vinegar now, so I don't think he'll be pushed around anymore

Aug 20, 2011

Rams Hot dog day

Today was the annual Ram football hot dog day and scrimmage put on by the Booster club. We had hot dogs donated by our local "Johnny's Hot dogs", fruit and treats were donated by the parents. I dropped TJ at practice at 7:30am then headed to the concession stand to set up
The schedule went like this
Freshman A vs B at 9am- Lunch 10 am
Sophomore vs 1/2 JV at 10 -lunch at 11am
11am other 1/2 JV vs Varsity- lunch at noon

My TJ holding football awaiting start of game

After an almost 2 hr practice TJ's team was ready to start, no sooner do they huddle and a giant bolt of lightening cracks across the sky
All players must leave the field. We have to move all the stuff from the concession stand into the cafeteria at the other end of the campus

I have met more football players through my photography. This year TJ has been bombarded with "TJ is your mama going to take our pictures this year?" I did capture some incredible action shots last year. This year I am the official Sophomore photographer and have been cleared to hang on the sidelines....So exciting for me!

While the team was leaving the field I stood by the gate snapping away. These boys are not shy and love to pose

This is a shot of the concession stand and the freshman field behind it . Below is the varsity field and a radar picture that ended the game before it even started

My TJ ate 4....4 hotdogs plus chips, fruit and treats. He wasn't home an hour before he said "I'm hungry" 
It really was a fun day, I love being part of the booster club. It is a great way to meet the coaches and players. All the players call every mom "mom"....so cute!

Karrick trying on TJ's pads and helmet that have a combined weight of 11 lbs 1 oz
We have our 1st non-conference cross town (fun rival) game against Willowbrook on Friday 5pm. We feed the players a pasta dinner at 3pm donated by Roundheads...done before every home game. The village support is amazing...All bread is donated by Jimmy Johns and Gatorade by Caputo's  in addition to pasta from Roundheads

On a sad note,
One of the sophomore players mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer out of the blue  at the end of last football season. Sadly she lost her battle this week and in the true spirit of teamwork and family the entire Sophomore team will take the Ram bus to wake wearing their team jerseys after Monday's practice.
The support that the Rams have for each other is second to none!


Aug 17, 2011

Happy 15th Birthday to my first born child

 My 1st born son is 15........15!
Happy Birthday to an amazing boy!

 Karrick made a card all by himself and it is a winner!

"Happy Birthday TJ!!
"we Love you"

all the bugs are flocking to TJ

 "you change my life"
If that isn't the biggest compliment, I don't know what is. What 7 year old recognizes that?

"You made my life better" 

For TJ's birthday dinner we took him and Alexis to "The Capital Grille"
Did we really just double date with our son and his longtime girlfriend? Time needs to just slow down a bit. Im afraid if I blink he'll be in college.

this is actually the worlds cutest dress that has an amazing fit. It's a cream eyelet dress by Lily...just love it. I need a better pose of myself

Aug 16, 2011

all ready for school

Karrick got all his hair cut off...finally! I was done with the shaggy look and tell me
How much older does my baby look?