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Aug 8, 2011

Whitewater Wisconsin ...part 1 "People"

 Well we headed north once again to spend 4 relaxing days up at the lake. Unfortunately TJ chose to stay home...his only free weekend as football officially begins on Wednesday . He was dearly missed, but it gave Tim and I time to just hang with Karrick and Callahan. Callahan has made some good friends that all have places with us at Bayside. We try to coordinate our visits together. Amazing childhood memories are being made as they swim, boat, tube, roast marshmallows on the bonfire and play Ghost in the Graveyard.
I took some of the most amazing photos! Today I will share the "people"  shots 

 Nate, in the red trunks is my Tim's best friends nephew. Tim and Tim Sheahan grew up in the same campers running around the same bonfire....it only seem fitting that the next generation of Sheahan's and Mcginty's follow in their footsteps. 
There are probably 12 trailers on the grounds all privately owned. The land is owned by Tim Sheahan's parents that are best friends with Mr and Mrs McGinty..my Tim's parents. Tim and Tim Sheahan went to school together since 3rd grade
We are on the 3rd generation

 Yes, they got me on the tube.
 Karrick was so sweet
"mommy, you just tell me what you want and I will do all the signs cause I am almost a professional tuber for my age ya know"
It was actually pretty fun and I'm sure the entire lake heard me screaming

 Best buds

 daddy and his little boy

 tubing at sunset just set the stage for some beautiful pictures


 My Tim


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