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Aug 23, 2011

That time of year

 My little man started the 2nd grade today. I went with him as it was only 1hr to say hello and drop off school supplies. I also had to capture the "back to school shots" for the yearbook. Callahan also had 1 hr of class today...7th grade, holy Cow!
TJ starts Sophomore year tomorrow and all 3 boys have a full day
I am so excited for Karrick this year, he is a new child after having his tonsils and adenoids out last April 6th.  Since then he has added 7lbs to his frame and 2 inches to his height....2 inches in 4 months. He grew so fast that he had hip and leg pain. His voice is slightly deeper and he is full of spunk.
 3 out of his 4 close buddies are in his class and the class bully (future inmate and sociopath) is in the other class. I was 99% sure he would be as I barged into the principals office on more than 1 occasion about him hurting Karrick. Karrick's full of piss and vinegar now, so I don't think he'll be pushed around anymore

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