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Aug 28, 2011

GE Rams

Glenbard East Sophomore's may have lost their 1st game (varsity and freshman won) but TJ looks adorable in his uniform and I got to stand next to the players and roam freely on the sidelines

The Varsity football field is surrounded by the track, then there is the fence that keeps the rest of the world out. I did feel a little special. My TJ is #39 this year and plays Wide Receiver. The Rams faced Willowbrook in a non-conference game. I love it because half of  our baseball friends go there (4 miles away in Villa Park) so it's friends playing friends

Ya, I'm 5 feet away from my TJ, I got to hang right on the field!!!!! I had to get out of the way a few times when players came flying through.
By the end of the 2 hr game my back was in knots with spasms in my left shoulder blade...shooting pains every time I breathed in. I still loved every bit of my time on the field. 
The Varsity put on a spectacular pre-game show, then I had to go home and lay down.
We hired a new Athletic director last year, he hired a new Varsity football coach and baseball coach . The program had a 20 year losing streak and big plans are in the works to turn the L's into W's.
The Freshman and Varsity teams won...crushed Willowbrook. I don't know what is with TJ's  graduating year, but we have small numbers on all our sporting teams. Our guys are just too small in numbers. Hopefully our new coaches and director can spark some enthusiasm so more kids to come out and play

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