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Mar 31, 2010

a great day downtown

Today TJ had a session with  ZOE MCKENZIE  for new head shots. He just signed with Lily's Talent because they have a teen boy division. The owner Sandy (so cool and down to earth, I just loved her) shot TJ today, I was not able to join them on location so I have no idea what his pictures will look like. They came back for waredrobe, hair and make-up changes. Karrick and I got to hang in her studio..OMG it was so cool.

some cute shots of karrick that I took. Since my flash is still broken and the warehouse is all windows it was hard to get a picture because of the back light. Sandy gave me a piece of scrap white Styrofoam card board and told me to angle it under karricks chin to bounce the window light up on his face. I may as well have won the lottery, i was so excited. she even let me keep the board
if you clink on Karricks picture you can see the white board reflection in his eyes...totally lightens them up

Tim, myself and Karrick took an after dinner bike ride to Dairy Queen...Lombard's summer social gathering place. Always tons of people sitting on the lawn and outside benches and always a guarantee that you will run into friends

Mar 29, 2010

Karricks Birthday Party

Finally it was Karrick's turn for his birthday. He had a party at Pump it Up in Elmhurst and had all his kindergarten buddies there. The poor kid in one month had to watch daddy have a birthday, our anniversary,  Callahan's birthday, patrick's birthday, TJ's Confirmation and just when he thought he was next grandma dropped the bomb that grandpas birthday was 2 day before his. Entirely to much for a little boy to handle
Karrick wanted to decorate his own goodie bags with stickers and he picked out all the treats. He turned 6 and everything was in 6's. 4, 6 balloon bouqets, 6 stickers on the goodie bag filled with 6 trinkets, 6 words on 6 cardboard ballon cut outs, a cake shaped as a 6 with 6 candles of course

He wanted me to make him a multi-layer track cake shaped in the number 6
karrick kept repeating "this is the best cake ever" that alone almost made me cry
party picture with all his pals
brothers beatin the crap out of each other is just another day in my life with 3 boys

the flood gates open
see the the sloping curve on the cake? huh huh and yes I had to use a rubbermaid lid to transport the cake. It weighed a good 10-15 lbs...I don't know...a lot! It was too big for any platter/cookie sheet I own

While at Toys R Us TJ picked out and paid with his own money a gift for his little brother
His first bat, balls, bases and a tee

Karrick wanted a big Lego castle "the biggest" because he is never allowed to get the big box at the store. Well he got the biggest and the second biggest for his gift. He wanted to put together the second biggest all by himself...I'm talking no help at all. did I mention the recommended age is 7-14? You go boy!

What a great day and I can hardly belive my little bonus baby is now 6 years old. The best gift I found with having a third baby so long after the first 2 was, I just got to enjoy and snuggle him, I already experienced how quick it all passes. I remember just holding him and loving him knowing in a blink of an eye he would grow up on me overnight. Karrick is such a delight with a unique personality: sweet, sassy(real sassy) funny and sometimes serious. Extremely outgoing and outspoken , sometimes too outspoken.

The Village of Lombard is enamored with him, he is very angelic with that blond hair and big brown almond shaped eyes and he speaks so honestly (I mean honestly) that people just fall in love with him
Karrick, you came into our lives for a reason and you touch everyone's heart that you meet. I thank God everyday for you...what a gift

Happy 6th Birthday Baby

Mar 28, 2010

Student of the week

TJ was nominated by Mr. Hrbesky his Social studies/Langage Arts/volleyball teacher/coach for Silvercat of the week. TJ was chosen for this honor for being TJ...a sweet responible and respectable student. He gets his photo hung in the hallway for the week

Mar 27, 2010

Celebrating TJ at Wildfire

    Last night TJ chose his favorite reastuarant Wildfire Oak Brook to celebrate his confirmation Thursday night. It was a double treat getting all 5 of us together at once.
BLACK PEPPERCORN FILET - seared with spicy black peppercorns . .is what TJ gets every time and dreams about all the time
I myself ordered the Sea Bass...melts in your mouth

I purposely left my camera at home to enjoy this intimate family dinner

Mar 25, 2010


Tonight TJ made his confirmation after preparing for 2 years at Sacred Heart Church. TJ chose his Godfather Uncle Brian as his Sponsor and Patrick as his Confirmation name. It was a beautiful mass and I had a tear in my eye as TJ knelt before Bishop Siegel as he made the sign of the cross with holy oil on TJ's forehead. TJ is now an adult in the Catholic Church and has fully recieved  the Holy Spirit. Okay, that holy oil is the best smelling stuff, should bottle it

Look how handsome TJ looks in both these pictures and yes, I had to crop myself out of the picture below. The outfit I chose to wear was not flattering at all...geeesch

We get in the car to leave and TJ puts his foot on the dashboard...really?! really TJ?! White freakin ankle socks...For the love of GOD he still needs his mama!

Had to add this, must have perfect hair at all times. His reading teacher kids him by telling him he has Justin Bieber hair

Mar 24, 2010

a day at the park gone wild

I picked up karrick and a buddy from school and pulled them in the trailer to the park. I brought a loaf of stale bread so they could feed the ducks

when out of nowhere I hear "Honk Honk honk..."

these grazy Geese start charging through the park

"Can they smell bread?"

"honk honk food honk food"

they came with a vengence, holy smokes. I had to grab karrick and N and make a run for it
Wings a flappin, angry honkin...then they charge the sweet little ducks

playground bullies, thats what they are!

they steal the ducks bread...little big bastards

when all was said and done, we had a great afternoon at the park. I got some great excercise as I grunted while I stood on the pedals to generate enough power to pull those 2 little boys up and down the hilly streets of Lombard. To add insult to injury, Karrick kept repeating
 "Mommy, you are getting a lot of excercise pulling us, this is good for you"

"How good is the heart waiting to happen"
I thought to myself

Mar 20, 2010


Today the GWMS 8th grade boys volleyball team had Conference. They had to be at Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellen at 7:15 am this morning. Each team played 6 games that determined who qualified for finals. Our team was the only team to win all 6, so we faced O'neil middle school (5-1) from Downers Grove for 1st place. The championship was best of three. They won the 1st, we won the 2nd and the 3rd game was neck and neck until O'neil scored to win 25-23. Our boys took home the 2nd place trophy. Tough loss, but they did great...9 straight games..Whoa!

TJ's # 1 fan

Mar 18, 2010

who's kid is that? oh, THAT"S MY BOY

TJ went from never picking up a volleyball to first string. He's very tall, a 5'9  13 year old and very athletic, but a lot of credit goes to his coach...a very competitive and tough coach. TJ has volleyball everyday some 6:30-8 am practices and some 3-6 pm practices
 after TJ makes a good play he still gets that shy smile and his cheeks turn red...so cute

After playing and winning 2 full games TJ still has perfect hair....oh the life of a teenager.
TJ has a decision to make for next year in high school as the volleyball and baseball season coincide. More scholarships for volleyball than baseball, but baseball is his passion and he has a mean fastball. It's not a decision I would like to make...thank god he has some time to think

Happy Birthday Patrick 3-17-2001

were my boys ever that small?

Happy Birthday to our loyal woofy Patrick who turned 9 yesterday. Patrick is a dear member of our family. We got him from a breeder in may of 2001 at 8 weeks old. He is fiercely protective of all of us, especially TJ and Cal. As a puppy he would herd the boys if they wandered away more than a few feet. When Callahan was 2 he taught him to fetch by throwing a ball then grabbing Patrick by the scruff and hurling him towards the ball while yelling "fetch"
 Today Patrick barks and runs around in circles at 3:10 knowing the school bell will ring in 5 minutes. at 3:20 he has been known to wander down the street to look for the boys. When I ride karrick to school in the trailer of my bike, Patrick goes insane barking and jumping afraid that we may get hurt. My across the street neighbor commented that she knows if it is nice out when she hears Patrick going crazy in the morning

Patrick, born on St. Patrick's Day was named for Patrick Starfish from Sponge bob, not St Patrick, as we didn't get his pedigree papers until after, stating his birthday 3-17-2001. That was just pure Irish luck on our part. 

Mar 16, 2010

Callahan Patrick McGinty 3-16-1999

Happy 11th Birthday Callahan!

Callahan Patrick McGinty was born on March 16th 1999
and on
March 16, 2010 he turned 11 years old

Callahan is a very unique child and has been a blessing to all of us. He is a loving son, a loyal friend, has a  sensitive soul, a brilliant mind, an advanced sense of humor and at times it seems he may have swallowed  the devil whole

Happy Birthday little man, we love you more than life
Dad, Mom, TJ and Karrick

Mar 13, 2010

My First Medal

Karrick played the last game of his first season of basketball this morning. He is telling everyone
"Look at the medal I earned"

Love the fact that he uses the word "earned"