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Mar 29, 2010

Karricks Birthday Party

Finally it was Karrick's turn for his birthday. He had a party at Pump it Up in Elmhurst and had all his kindergarten buddies there. The poor kid in one month had to watch daddy have a birthday, our anniversary,  Callahan's birthday, patrick's birthday, TJ's Confirmation and just when he thought he was next grandma dropped the bomb that grandpas birthday was 2 day before his. Entirely to much for a little boy to handle
Karrick wanted to decorate his own goodie bags with stickers and he picked out all the treats. He turned 6 and everything was in 6's. 4, 6 balloon bouqets, 6 stickers on the goodie bag filled with 6 trinkets, 6 words on 6 cardboard ballon cut outs, a cake shaped as a 6 with 6 candles of course

He wanted me to make him a multi-layer track cake shaped in the number 6
karrick kept repeating "this is the best cake ever" that alone almost made me cry
party picture with all his pals
brothers beatin the crap out of each other is just another day in my life with 3 boys

the flood gates open
see the the sloping curve on the cake? huh huh and yes I had to use a rubbermaid lid to transport the cake. It weighed a good 10-15 lbs...I don't know...a lot! It was too big for any platter/cookie sheet I own

While at Toys R Us TJ picked out and paid with his own money a gift for his little brother
His first bat, balls, bases and a tee

Karrick wanted a big Lego castle "the biggest" because he is never allowed to get the big box at the store. Well he got the biggest and the second biggest for his gift. He wanted to put together the second biggest all by himself...I'm talking no help at all. did I mention the recommended age is 7-14? You go boy!

What a great day and I can hardly belive my little bonus baby is now 6 years old. The best gift I found with having a third baby so long after the first 2 was, I just got to enjoy and snuggle him, I already experienced how quick it all passes. I remember just holding him and loving him knowing in a blink of an eye he would grow up on me overnight. Karrick is such a delight with a unique personality: sweet, sassy(real sassy) funny and sometimes serious. Extremely outgoing and outspoken , sometimes too outspoken.

The Village of Lombard is enamored with him, he is very angelic with that blond hair and big brown almond shaped eyes and he speaks so honestly (I mean honestly) that people just fall in love with him
Karrick, you came into our lives for a reason and you touch everyone's heart that you meet. I thank God everyday for you...what a gift

Happy 6th Birthday Baby

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