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Mar 25, 2010


Tonight TJ made his confirmation after preparing for 2 years at Sacred Heart Church. TJ chose his Godfather Uncle Brian as his Sponsor and Patrick as his Confirmation name. It was a beautiful mass and I had a tear in my eye as TJ knelt before Bishop Siegel as he made the sign of the cross with holy oil on TJ's forehead. TJ is now an adult in the Catholic Church and has fully recieved  the Holy Spirit. Okay, that holy oil is the best smelling stuff, should bottle it

Look how handsome TJ looks in both these pictures and yes, I had to crop myself out of the picture below. The outfit I chose to wear was not flattering at all...geeesch

We get in the car to leave and TJ puts his foot on the dashboard...really?! really TJ?! White freakin ankle socks...For the love of GOD he still needs his mama!

Had to add this, must have perfect hair at all times. His reading teacher kids him by telling him he has Justin Bieber hair

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