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Mar 24, 2010

a day at the park gone wild

I picked up karrick and a buddy from school and pulled them in the trailer to the park. I brought a loaf of stale bread so they could feed the ducks

when out of nowhere I hear "Honk Honk honk..."

these grazy Geese start charging through the park

"Can they smell bread?"

"honk honk food honk food"

they came with a vengence, holy smokes. I had to grab karrick and N and make a run for it
Wings a flappin, angry honkin...then they charge the sweet little ducks

playground bullies, thats what they are!

they steal the ducks bread...little big bastards

when all was said and done, we had a great afternoon at the park. I got some great excercise as I grunted while I stood on the pedals to generate enough power to pull those 2 little boys up and down the hilly streets of Lombard. To add insult to injury, Karrick kept repeating
 "Mommy, you are getting a lot of excercise pulling us, this is good for you"

"How good is the heart waiting to happen"
I thought to myself

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