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Mar 31, 2010

a great day downtown

Today TJ had a session with  ZOE MCKENZIE  for new head shots. He just signed with Lily's Talent because they have a teen boy division. The owner Sandy (so cool and down to earth, I just loved her) shot TJ today, I was not able to join them on location so I have no idea what his pictures will look like. They came back for waredrobe, hair and make-up changes. Karrick and I got to hang in her studio..OMG it was so cool.

some cute shots of karrick that I took. Since my flash is still broken and the warehouse is all windows it was hard to get a picture because of the back light. Sandy gave me a piece of scrap white Styrofoam card board and told me to angle it under karricks chin to bounce the window light up on his face. I may as well have won the lottery, i was so excited. she even let me keep the board
if you clink on Karricks picture you can see the white board reflection in his eyes...totally lightens them up

Tim, myself and Karrick took an after dinner bike ride to Dairy Queen...Lombard's summer social gathering place. Always tons of people sitting on the lawn and outside benches and always a guarantee that you will run into friends

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