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Mar 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Patrick 3-17-2001

were my boys ever that small?

Happy Birthday to our loyal woofy Patrick who turned 9 yesterday. Patrick is a dear member of our family. We got him from a breeder in may of 2001 at 8 weeks old. He is fiercely protective of all of us, especially TJ and Cal. As a puppy he would herd the boys if they wandered away more than a few feet. When Callahan was 2 he taught him to fetch by throwing a ball then grabbing Patrick by the scruff and hurling him towards the ball while yelling "fetch"
 Today Patrick barks and runs around in circles at 3:10 knowing the school bell will ring in 5 minutes. at 3:20 he has been known to wander down the street to look for the boys. When I ride karrick to school in the trailer of my bike, Patrick goes insane barking and jumping afraid that we may get hurt. My across the street neighbor commented that she knows if it is nice out when she hears Patrick going crazy in the morning

Patrick, born on St. Patrick's Day was named for Patrick Starfish from Sponge bob, not St Patrick, as we didn't get his pedigree papers until after, stating his birthday 3-17-2001. That was just pure Irish luck on our part. 

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